Who came up with the equal sign?

This number puzzle seems inconspicuous - and yet only real geniuses should be able to solve it. Are you cracking today's nut?

Have your head been spinning all day today? Then distract yourself a little with a little riddle.

The riddle:

A brain teaser has been puzzling puzzles friends for years: What pattern is behind this arithmetic problem? Whoever cracks it should get one IQ of 150 have - and thus be smarter than Albert Einstein.

At least that's what the Cologne YouTube star Philipp Steuer, who once spread the riddle on Twitter, claims. Is that true? Anyway, try your luck!

6 + 4 = 210

9 + 2 = 711

8 + 5 = 313

5 + 2 = 37

7 + 6 = ??

By the way, Albert Einstein is said to have invented another riddle that, according to him, almost nobody can solve it.

The solution:

Did you see through the trick? Actually, the puzzle is very simple. You must first find the two numbers (e.g. 6 and 4 from the first line) subtract and place the result to the right of the equal sign (6-4 = 2). Then add you both numbers (6 + 4 = 10) and write this result after the first result. This is how you get the solution (in the example: 210).

Now apply this pattern to the solution you are looking for:

(7-6) and (7 + 6) = 113

So the result you are looking for is 113. Did you see through? Then congratulations!

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From Andrea Stettner