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Are siblings?

My cat rubs against me all the time. Does that mean she loves me?

"Cats communicate a lot with each other through smells and fragrances," explains cat psychologist Heike Grotegut. “They interact with, their‘ people as with their own species. When rubbing, they identify you as their social partner, they say: 'You belong to me, you are my girlfriend or my boyfriend.' "

How well do cats hear?

“A cat's hearing is one of the best among mammals. Cats hear more than twice as well as humans and even pick up sounds ten times faster than dogs, ”says veterinarian Sophie Harder. “A cat can hear a mouse at a distance of 20 meters. Since the animals' hearing is very well developed, especially in the higher pitches, most cats react more to women's and children's voices than to men's. "

Why does my cat always drink from the tap?

Zoologist Dr. Gerd Ludwig: “Running water encourages cats to drink more than standing water. Their wild relatives also like to drink from rivers and streams. With the faucet there is also the playful element: Many cats try to catch the drops of water with their paws. "

Is it true that tinsel is dangerous for cats?

Yes. Cats are often fascinated by the glittering strings and like to play with them, warns the animal protection association Aktion Tier. If you swallow the tinsel, it can lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.

Do cats know they are siblings?

"Yes. Kittens that come from a litter have the same 'stable odor'. This is renewed and intensified again and again through constant cuddling and playing, ”explains zoologist Dr. Ludwig. "An ideal basis for a harmonious coexistence when you bring two kittens home from one litter."

Why does the cat play with my hair all the time?

Long hair stimulates the hunting instinct. Cat psychologist Grotegut: “In addition, cats learn surprisingly quickly how to manipulate us in order to achieve a certain reaction. Some lay down on the PC keyboard or in front of the television. They have learned that we quickly pay attention to them in these situations. "

Which houseplants are poison for my cats?

The animal welfare organization Peta warns of the following plants: aloe vera, amaryllis, rhododendron, cyclamen, ivy, lilies, poinsettia and cycads. A full list can be found on the Peta website.

What are the most common diseases in cats?

Veterinarian Harder: "These include diabetes mellitus, dental diseases, bladder infections or urinary stones, liver diseases and asthma." According to the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians, elderly cats suffer particularly often from hyperthyroidism and kidney diseases.

Which toys should I buy my cat?

"With cats, playing is nothing more than hunting prey," says behavioral biologist Dr. Eva Waiblinger. Therefore, she recommends mouse-sized toys with fur. "Most cats love toys that move quickly and unpredictably and that sometimes disappear around the corner or under a blanket."

My cat vomits a lot. Does she have to go to the vet?

Absolutely. Small veterinarian Dr. Karen Opelt: “Some long-haired breeds swallow a lot of fur when they clean, so they throw up a ball of hair every now and then - but this should not happen more than twice a month. If your cat vomits more often, a veterinarian should clarify what is causing the problem. The cat may have irritation of the stomach and mucous membranes and cannot tolerate the food. "

Do cats really have a 6th sense?

"Like other mammals, cats have five senses," says behavioral biologist Dr. Waiblinger. But: Your senses are sometimes much more sensitive than ours. “Your sense of balance is great because you need it as a climber. In addition, there is an extremely good sense of touch: With their whiskers, cats can feel almost like we do with our hands. "

Why does my cat suddenly stop eating dry food?

"Cats are very picky," says veterinarian Dr. Opelt. “If they don't get the food, they often don't touch it later. But: The animal could also be seriously ill. Let your vet advise you if you want to change the feed. "

Why do they say black cats bring bad luck?

The first document linking black cats with witchcraft and heresy dates back to the 13th century. In it Pope Gregory IX. suggest that these animals are associated with the devil. Back then, people were sure that cats were companions of witches. Black was also considered a demonic color.

Which cat doesn't shed?

There is no such thing as a cat that doesn't shed any hair. Even the Sphynx, also known as the hairless cat, has fine fluff. And hair is very important: cats bred with little hair often catch colds or even get sunburned outdoors. They are also more prone to wounds, scrapes, and skin conditions.

Is it true that cats prefer to drink milk?

Yes, but be careful - most of them are lactose intolerant. The animals then often get stomach problems and diarrhea. And: Cats who drink milk instead of water can quickly become overweight.

Why does my cat always want to cuddle when I don't want to?

The cat lives in a self-centered world and does not, like the dog, for example, react to the wishes and moods of the owner. "If you feel like cuddling, she asks her people to do so - whether they feel like it or not," explains zoologist Dr. Ludwig.

These experts make us smart

► Heike Grotegut, Cat psychologist and author of "Cat Alone at Home"

Sophie Harder, Veterinarian in Rostock, specializing in cats

► Dr. Gerd Ludwig, Zoologist and author of the guide “Cats. The great practical handbook "

► Dr. Karen Opelt, has been a small veterinarian in Hamburg for 25 years

Dr. Eva Waiblinger, Behavioral biologist from Wetzikon (Switzerland)