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Here are some questions that are frequently asked and which you may also be interested in.


What requirements do I need for the Krav Maga training?

For the Krav Maga training you do not need any special previous knowledge or special characteristics. Everything you need for Krav Maga training - you get through Krav Maga training.


Who is Krav Maga suitable for?

Krav Maga is an effective self-defense system that is suitable for everyone. No matter what age, gender or physical fitness you are. If you want to learn to defend yourself or just want to have fun with group training - you are suitable for Krav Maga training.


What clothes do I wear to Krav Maga training?

We don't have a special uniform like in classic martial arts. With us you train in normal sportswear with sneakers.


What equipment do I need for Krav Maga training?

You don't need any equipment to start with.

Over time, it makes sense that men get a groin guard. Mouthguards are also a good investment, plus training gloves and you already have good equipment - which usually costs less than 50 euros.


Jewelry and piercings in training?

In order to avoid injuries, all types of jewelry and piercings should be removed. If it is not possible to take off a piercing, for example - there are ways to secure it - your trainer will be happy to help you here.


How long does it take before I can defend myself with Krav Maga?

To say an exact time here would not be serious. With every training you get better and thus improve your chances of surviving a dangerous situation unscathed. After about 3 months you will normally have a good foundation of techniques and methods, which will then be consolidated with another 3 months of training.


What positive effects does Krav Maga have on my everyday life?

In addition to the ability to defend yourself and others, you will become physically fitter through the training, you will learn to deal better with stress and conflicts and you will simply have fun with the training.


Can I defend myself against multiple opponents or physically superior opponents with Krav Maga?

Unlike martial arts, Krav Maga / self-defense is not about winning, but rather about not letting situations arise at all and should they arise - then surviving them as unscathed and healthy as possible.

Accordingly, you will learn to protect your health against physically superior opponents and to survive against several opponents. This is precisely why self-defense is there, so that everyone learns to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, 100% security is not possible! But we will significantly improve your chances!


Is Krav Maga Suitable For Women?

Naturally! Krav Maga is structured in such a way that it works with few and natural movements, methods and tactics - so that even the physically weaker can defend themselves.


Is Krav Maga suitable for children and teenagers?

The same applies here as for women.

In addition, through Krav Maga, children and young people learn how to interact well with one another, get to know your body and your physical abilities better and learn to concentrate better. Especially for children and adolescents, the effects such as better self-confidence are very development-promoting.


Up to what age can you train Krav Maga? Is it also suitable for seniors?

You can train Krav Maga into old age, in the media you can find a video of an older lady who only started with Krav Maga in old age.


Can anyone learn Krav Maga?

NO! Krav Maga can only be learned by people who have no criminal record!

We train people to make them strong and protect them from violence - no perpetrators!


Do you learn to defend against weapons in Krav Maga?

This is a central theme in Krav Maga. At Krav Maga we always assume 2 points.

1. The perpetrator is never alone and 2. The perpetrator is always armed.

Of course, there are many situations where these two points do not apply, but it is precisely that

Self-defense, it is better to reckon with the worst - everything else is much easier to solve.


Do you learn how to use everyday objects for self-defense at Krav Maga?

Yes, definitely - through our training you will learn to use your entire environment for yourself and of course to use all kinds of everyday objects.


Are there competitions in Krav Maga?

No! Krav Maga is a pure self-defense system.


What rules and rituals are there in Krav Maga?

Unlike in martial arts or martial arts, we have no fixed rituals.

Our rules are very simple, everyone who is in training should have fun training and improve their health - togetherness and community is just as important to us as everyone can train injury-free.


Is there only physical training or is prevention, de-escalation and mental skills also trained?

Both verbal and mental skills are trained for physical training!

Prevention and de-escalation in particular are integral parts of every Krav Maga training - which is the best defense - not having to defend yourself at all.


What is the legal basis for information? Can I even use what I am learning?

We teach according to German law, so that you only learn methods and tactics which you are then allowed to use in exactly the same way.