How is the school in Mexico

German School Mexico City (Lomas Verdes)

When the German School began its first lessons on November 3, 1894 in Mexico City, only 16 male students attended the school - only six of whom spoke German. The German School Mexico City now consists of three sub-schools (Planteles) to meet the needs of a mega-city.

At our location, a good kilometer away from Kindergarten and Primaria (elementary school), the pupils attend the Secundaria (secondary level I) and the Preparatoria (secondary level II), with the German qualification for university entrance and the Mexican CCH degree.

The spacious area offers many opportunities for sporting activities and social events. The school has its own sports field and a gym, so that the students can be optimally prepared for the "Copa-Humboldt", a sporting competition between the German and Swiss schools in the country. There is also an inviting cafeteria, library and computer room.

Our school program

The aim of our lessons is not only to acquire languages ​​(Spanish, German, English), but also to promote awareness of German culture alongside Mexican. This includes celebrating traditional German festivals and realizing German customs such as Oktoberfest and Christmas.

Extracurricular activities

For years, the school has also organized so-called culture days, where students can present their own creative and artistic work and come into contact with artists. In addition, high school students offer projects in areas in which they are 'specialists' for the middle school. The school is also participating in a United Nations simulation, in which many students have been very successful in recent years. The school also has a social project that helps children in need.