Chuck Norris darkens his hair

When Chuck Norris drives a VW, he sucks in the emissions again.

When Chuck Norris wants a salad, he eats a vegetarian.

Chuck Norris' diesel runs on electricity.

When Chuck Norris rides a pedelec, the battery ends up being fuller than before.

If the speed limit comes, Chuck Norris only uses the unicycle for the autobahn.

Chuck Norris' meltdown is called global warming.

A Chuck Norris-Elements tax could clean up all of Greece.

Chuck Norris makes nuclear power safe!

Chuck Norris still has one foot in cold reserve.

Peak oil only occurs because Chuck Norris kicked the curve from below.

If anyone saves more CO2 than Chuck Norris, it's Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris' wind turbines turn on Windows too.

Chuck Norris' coal-fired power station is powered by solar energy.

Chuck Norris' belly button is actually an electrical outlet.

Chuck Norris' electric car runs without a battery.

Chuck Norris supports the energy transition.
He's practicing his roundhouse kicks the other way around now.

The trees in Chuck Norris' garden have a "Like" button.

Chuck Norris is already protesting against Stuttgart 22.

Chuck Norris failed the stress test. The test collapsed.

Did you already know that a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris can supply the entire USA with electricity for 44 minutes? In my opinion this is nonsense! The power lines should be overloaded and burst at first.

Chuck Norris does not need an extension of the term. He's already there.

When Chuck Norris splits atoms, only splitting tablets are created.

The crumbs in Chuck Norris' bed are in the form of boiling water reactors.

Chuck Norris has returned the K to bridge technology.

Chuck Norris has a revolving door that generates electricity.
Even if others get away with it.

Chuck Norris used the exit corridor as an entrance.

Chuck Norris only eats regional products.
He eats his whiskers.

Chuck Norris also produces off-power energy.

Chuck Norris has negotiated the extension of the term with the sun.

Chuck Norris recognizes antibiotics in the water immediately
and spits them out.

Chuck Norris doesn't need a car. His goal comes towards him.

Chuck Norris can turn coal into forests.

Why are all the dams empty?
Chuck Norris has once again drunk the tap on ex.

The walls in Chuck Norris' house have always produced energy.
Only now is everyone talking about it.

Chuck Norris has already visited the green week and stayed there for a year.

Chuck Norris has capped coal power.

Chuck Norris is renewable.

Chuck Norris was already living sustainably 10 months before he was born.

Chuck Norris goes shopping on his exercise bike.

Chuck Norris is not afraid of CO2, CO2 is afraid of Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris doesn't take the train. He pulls him.

Chuck Norris had the power grid ready in front of his wind farm.

When Chuck Norris sticks his finger into the socket, the electricity gets a blow.

Chuck Norris heats with its own heat.

Chuck Norris swam through the Northwest Passage as early as 1990.

Chuck Norris consumes so much energy that he is exempt from the EEG levy.

When Chuck Norris puts his fingers in the socket, the current flows backwards.

Chuck Norris does fracking using roundhouse kicks.

Chuck Norris takes the train and is on time.

The sun always shines when Chuck Norris wants to use his own electricity.

When Chuck Norris travels with Deutsche Bahn, he's always there too early.

Chuck Norris paints oil paintings with watercolors.

Chuck Norris doesn't turn on the light, he turns off the dark!

Chuck Norris' car doesn't use gasoline, it drives out of respect.

Chuck Norris rubs fire together and turns it into WOOD!