Become a lieutenant in the Indian Navy

Two sub-lieutenants were selected to operate as "observers" or tactical officers in the helicopter stream

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has selected one of its 10 female fighters to fly the newly introduced Rafale fighter jets at Ambala Air Force Base. It was also decided to use female aviators as the frontline crew on a warship, according to the article published by The Times Of India. The two efforts indicate a new phase in the longstanding struggle to ensure the necessary gender equality in the robust 15 lakh armed forces. The move comes at a time when the Army is organizing a special body this month to hand over the standing commission to women officers. However, there is no suggestion to allow them in the main combat weapons of the infantry, mechanized forces and artillery, the publication says. It adds that the IAF has approved 10 women as fighter pilots since 2016, including Flight Lieutenant Avani Chaturvedi, who set a historic record by becoming the first to fly solo in a MiG-21 bison in February 2018. The Air Force does this. I don't want to name this policewoman, but she is ready for "conversion training" to fly the beaten-up Rafales jets with the "Golden Arrows" squadron in Ambala after she was deployed on the MiG-21. Sub-Lieutenant Kumudini Tyagi and Sub-Lieutenant Riti Singh broke the glass ceiling and were the first female "air fighters" in the Indian Navy to operate from warships. On Monday they got their "wings" as "observers" at the INS Garuda naval air station in Kochi to manage the myriad of sensors and other activities aboard multipurpose helicopters armed with weapons to fight enemy submarines. "We can't wait to be on board warships. This is the ultimate opportunity to finally get into the forefront of naval operations," PTI Sub-Lt Singh quoted as quoted by the Times Of India.

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