Can study mechanical engineering diploma in robotics

Study robotics

Robots support human colleagues in many areas
More and more processes in production and technology, but also in all other industries and areas of life, are already being taken over by robots. And that also makes sense: Because the robots support people and take on physically difficult or monotonous work, for example. To build the complex robot systems, new and innovative ideas are constantly being developed. This requires employees who are very familiar with this area and who contribute different skills.

The course prepares you for everyday work
In the first semesters of the robotics degree, everything revolves around the basics of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Knowledge from the areas of machine learning, the networking and optimization of robots, laser processing systems and sensors are conveyed. During the course of studies, a practical semester and specializations, for example in mobile, industrial or maritime robotics, often follow. In this way, the students learn both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to be optimally prepared for everyday work.

Many industries - many courses of study
Since the influence of robotics is getting stronger in so many different industries and areas, there is not just one degree or one degree in “Robotics”. Rather, many universities have specialized in certain areas of robotics and offer courses with a corresponding focus. This includes bachelor's and master's degrees that build on a previous technical degree.