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Monopoly games

monopoly (Parker / Hasbro) is an extremely popular board game. Buying and building roads, moving around the game board and making economic tactics are still the ultimate board game for many players. Even if the Monopoly gameplay does not appeal to experienced players, the manufacturer sells tens of thousands of its editions every year. And there are plenty of them. Issues related to the World Cup, cities or films appear repeatedly in stores for a short time. There are also many curious stories around monopoly, the classic that turned 80 in 2015.

Monopoly is one of the most famous board games ever

At Monopoly, the goal is to build up a real estate empire and expand it through rental income in order to drive the other players into bankruptcy. To do this, you have to try to own as many streets as possible and then build houses or hotels on these street spaces. Because if you have buildings on your street spaces, the person who lands on this space has to pay a much higher rent and your own income increases steadily. In addition to the usual street fields that change in the various variants of the game, there are also the following special fields available in practically all editions:

  1. Community and Event Field - something needs to be done here after a card is drawn.
  2. Come on - here you collect money every time you pull it over or over it.
  3. Free parking - nothing happens here.
  4. Income tax and additional tax - most of the time you have to pay here.
  5. Prison - this is where you can get in with an event card.

Monopoly - the worldwide game success

Originally the game was called The Landlords Game. For a long time, Charles Darrow was considered the inventor of the game. Attempts to contact the actual inventor Elizabeth Magie Phillips apparently failed completely. The first copies, which Darrow had made by hand at the time, he sold to friends and acquaintances. After the first successes of the game, Darrow had his copyrights on the board game protected in 1933.

Only the attempt to give the game to a publisher failed again and again. Even the largest game maker, Parker Brothers, didn't want to market the game. The game would take way too long, the rules of the game would be too complicated, and there would be no apparent goal in the game. After Darrows continued to market the game himself and was able to offer it in a department store at some point, the demand became so huge that the Parker Brothers company finally bought the rights to the game. Today Monopoly comes in many different varieties. There is a world variant, different city variants and countless themed editions. In addition, variants with electronics, as a card game and even with an app, and many more. When it comes to successful board games, Monopoly is certainly at the forefront. At this point we list our reviews of these monopoly-Play on.