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What does a Medical Science Liaison Manager actually do?

What does a Medical Science Liaison Manager actually do?

A new professional field that has only been gaining importance for about a decade is that of Medical Science Liaison Manager - MSL for short. Today we will explain to you exactly what the activities in this professional field look like and why the MSL is a kind of medical-scientific department in itself.


The Medical Science Liaison Manager (MSL)

Before and when a new drug comes onto the market, it goes through several phases from clinical development to market launch. As everywhere else, there is the following behavioral tendency in the world of medical professionals and patients: What I don't know or don't understand, I don't trust - or I don't use or buy it. Skepticism is natural, especially in the medical field, where all findings from tests and studies have to be underpinned.

In order to build trust in this sensitive, scientific field, the Medical Science Liaison Manager comes into play. Because: MSLs work at a high scientific level - they are the link between experts (such as doctors, decision-makers or drug commissions) who want to use drugs and the pharmaceutical companies who develop and sell drugs.

Medical Science Liaison Managers therefore maintain intensive contact with decision-makers. This is not about selling drugs, but about exchanging information. This establishment of contact within the framework of a specific development usually begins during the clinical phase. The MSL visits the decision-makers and experts on site - usually works out of the office - and provides information, for example, about the new development and the associated studies.

But it is not just about the one-sided transfer of information, but about a general exchange of experience between pharmaceutical companies and experts, apart from business relationships. The knowledge gained and the feedback from the experts flow back to the pharmaceutical company, which continues to develop the respective product.


MSL: The overview

In this mutual exchange, medical science liaison managers are, figuratively speaking, the arteries for information. They know all existing products and those in development for their areas of support, are the contact for the experts and at the same time represent the activities of their pharmaceutical companies.

They give lectures and trainings - and support the clinical study programs and research projects. In their role as an information base, MSL also support all relevant departments such as marketing and sales before and during the market launch - for example by carrying out further training for colleagues.


What is the difference between Medical Science Liaison Management and the pharmaceutical field service?

Pharmaceutical sales force employees are only allowed to talk to external parties about approved drugs. They are mainly active in sales and their success is measured by product sales. Not so with the Medical Science Liaison Managers, because their role is primarily characterized by trust and scientific credibility - and that would be much more difficult if they were to sell at the same time.

As soon as a drug has received marketing authorization, the work of the responsible MSL expires - he then transfers responsibility, for example, to the field service.

The areas of Medical Science Liaison Managementat a glance

  • Primary contact for opinion leaders, e.g. B. in scientific and medical questions
  • Providing medical-scientific information and data with extensive knowledge of the product, indications and studies
  • Preparation and implementation of scientific lectures for the supervised product and indication area
  • Training of internal and external target groups (e.g. field service)
  • Support for the Department of Clinical Research


A job for you?

Do you have scientific expertise, empathy, enjoy networking and excellent communication skills? Then you have what it takes to be a Medical Science Liaison Manager.

Whether you are a job beginner, with previous experience or a career changer: Look for vacancies in our job exchange or just talk to us - we will be happy to advise you!

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