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The 8 best YouTube alternatives at a glance

Vimeo is an American video service launched in 2004 that focuses on specialized in artistically demanding videos Has. So it is not surprising that the service was founded by filmmakers and primarily wants to offer directors - whether private or professional - and their works a distribution platform. For example, there are some impressive short, documentary or music videos here. Anyone interested in independent production of all kinds has one of the highest quality YouTube alternatives with Vimeo. The reach of Vimeo also lags significantly behind the large competition - Vimeo has nevertheless found a niche in the target group with a penchant for sophisticated content.

The claim to be an exchange platform for creative people is immediately reflected on the homepage: This is where the top stories and videos curated by employees are presented. That quickly conveys that Impression of an interactive gallery. Accordingly, the service offers its users a generous framework for video uploads, in which even top quality content can be provided. Vimeo offers various chargeable account upgrades for this: While the free basic version only allows videos of 500 MB per week, with “Vimeo Plus” you can upload 5 GB per week, with “Vimeo Pro” even up to 20 GB with which you even short films in 4K Ultra HD resolution can publish. There are hardly any limits for uploaders - at least with the professional account variants. Only the frame rate is automatically reduced if it exceeds 60 FPS during the upload.

With the Pro version, you can even make your account available for up to three users, customize the player completely and to sellContent via video-on-demand. 90 percent of the transaction costs go to the creator. There is also an extensive package with various tools, analysis programs and a completely advertising-free user interface. With “Vimeo Business”, commercial providers even get up to 5 TB (terabytes) of storage space - all without any weekly limit. Even ten team members can use such an account in addition to analysis, marketing and workflow tools. You can activate the new live streaming function (including 7 TB total storage) in the premium package.