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The most important social media trends for 2020

But the established platforms are also developing: In Brazil, a new Instagram service called “Reels” was recently launched, which in appearance and function is strikingly reminiscent of the hype app TikTok. Anyone who can still remember the start of Instagram Stories knows that the strategy of copying popular competitor services has already brought success to the Facebook subsidiary. In 2016, Instagram launched a head-on attack on the competing platform Snapchat with its stories, the growth of which then stagnated for the next three years.

3. Instagram removes likes

With over a billion registered users, Instagram is one of the largest social networks. All the big changes that are implemented here can be
Sustainably shape the social media landscape. One of these big changes is that the number of likes under a post may soon no longer be publicly visible. After test phases, including in Australia and Canada, the first accounts in this country no longer see any likes. Instagram itself justifies this initiative primarily with the potentially harmful effect of likes as a means of self-affirmation on the mental health of young users in particular. However, there are also many observers who believe that Instagram simply wants to implement this change in order to generate more sales.

Brands sometimes pay large sums of money to influencers to advertise their products. None of that money goes to Instagram. In fact, influencer marketing has become so popular that some brands are already moving away from traditional marketing methods such as TV advertising. If Instagram hides the likes, brands can no longer measure the direct impact of their influencer campaigns as easily as they can today. You are then dependent on the influencers themselves transmitting the key figures, which harbors the risk of manipulation. This could induce some brands to invest in Instagram ads instead of influencers, as this makes it easier for them to understand the ROI, according to the thesis.

Other voices, on the other hand, praise the attempt to hide Instagram Likes. It counteracts the pressure of competition and success that many users feel and that is primarily measured by the number of likes. Should Instagram successfully remove likes and get more brands to switch to their own advertising function, this could mean significant changes for social media marketing on other platforms as well.

4. Video content will dominate

Video content is one of the most engaging content formats and is likely to dominate the social media world soon. Whether it's short films like the one on TikTok or long-drawn-out content on YouTube: Videos are the future of social media
Content. Experts estimate that around 82 percent of all online content will be video content by 2022. So the growing importance of video content for brands in the social media arena is obvious. Brands that have not yet included video content in their social media strategy should therefore think about their video content strategy. IGTV is also a format in which Instagram will probably invest a lot of energy in the near future and expand it further.

5. Influencer marketing will keep increasing

Influencer marketing is not a new trend, but it will probably stay with us for a while. There are thousands of influencers big and small in today's social media landscape, and new ones are added every day. The world of influencers is still quite disordered, there is a lot of fake activity, embellished media kits, likebots, so-called comment pods, etc. Nevertheless, the trend of influencer marketing seems to be endless and companies' annual budgets for influencer Campaigns increase every year.

In 2020 and beyond, we'll see another surge in micro-influencer campaigns. They often have much higher engagement rates, are significantly cheaper and are considered more authentic than their prominent colleagues with hundreds of thousands of followers. Many brands will rely on many “small” influencers instead of one “big” one, or they will consider both groups in their campaigns. A perfect brand fit will also gain in importance. Brands will put a lot of emphasis on choosing influencers for their campaigns who truly embody the company's values ​​and entering into long-term partnerships with them, rather than relying on a one-off collaboration in individual campaigns. The times in which influencers are only booked because they have the right number of followers are coming to an end. And that's good. Influencers who clearly position themselves in a niche benefit from this trend.

6. "Post with a purpose": Karma points for the Insta profile

The year of the #FridaysForFuture movement also showed that political activism has arrived in the world of social media influencers. The desire to become active oneself increases. The #TeamTrees initiative, which aims to raise US $ 20 million by 2020 to plant 20 million trees, was started by YouTubers and was able to achieve several within a few weeks thanks to its spread on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit Raise millions of dollars. “Post with a purpose” is the motto. In the 2020 US election year, topics like climate change, civil rights and gender equality are likely to be brought up on social media more than ever before by influencers.


A lot is happening on social media - and these are by no means all of the trends that we will be observing on Instagram and Co. next year. Social commerce will be another important topic, the integration of augmented reality, live streaming such as on Twitch and the general trend of sustainability are topics that we will encounter on social media in 2020. What will not change is the dynamism and fast pace of social media platforms and their trends. What is trending topic today may no longer be relevant next week. You don't have to take every trend with you, but if you want to stay with it in the social media game, you have to know what interests the users and constantly adapt

About the author:

Toni Stadler has been working as a social media & content expert at Dept in Berlin since 2018. He has been a photographer on Instagram for several years and works part-time as an influencer for brands such as Samsung and Nikon.

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