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The fitting cubicle under the microscope ...
Clothing stores have changed a lot in recent years, with brands increasingly placing the customer experience in the foreground: ambience, theatricalization, flagships ... In this new landscape, trying on is still often underestimated as an important stage in the customer journey. The stay in the cabin has a significant impact on the “shopper's” purchasing decision.
Based on this finding, which has been confirmed in practical tests, Shop Expert Valley and its members have decided to start a research and development project to design a new generation of fitting cubicles.
The work of the project group was initiated by recording the feedback from the companies of Shop Export Valley. A supplementary survey of clothing stores as well as a thematic market observation and a practical study created with the tools and methods of sensory design rounded off the picture.
14 sales brands (specialist clothing stores and shops for women's, men's, youth and children's fashion) were examined. The study, which was carried out with the tools and methods of sensory design on a panel of 22 volunteers (8 men and 14 women between 17 and 60 years of age), revealed which elements have a decisive influence on the perception of the cubicles or dressing rooms.

Chrisalis®, new generation fitting cubicles
Chrisalis® was developed with the aim of making trying on a meaningful and positive experience for the customer. Convenience, space, privacy, hygiene, ambience, social networks ... everything has been thought of that creates a familiar and calming environment "like at home" that favors a purchase.
Chrisalis® is a registered trademark.
Shop Expert Valley and its planners have deliberately equipped the prototype with various equipment elements and accessories. At the same time, Chrisalis® remains a customizable cabin with fully modular functions.

Chrisalis®, a sensory and innovative cabin.
Chrisalis® is a room that uncompromisingly puts the customer's well-being in the foreground: freedom of movement, high comfort through excellent equipment, privacy, hygiene and cleanliness favored by the choice of materials, healthy, constantly renewed air, significantly increased appreciation of the customer through Colors, lighting and large-format backlit mirrors.
Chrisalis® can go "online"
A facility, invisible at first glance, ensures contactless interactivity with the user, who can request all possible information about the products from the cabin or the waiting area: sizes and colors available in the store, suggestions for complementary products, special offers ...
The decor can also be chosen as you like: urban or more romantic, bright daylight or soft evening lighting, acoustic background ... Chrisalis® creates an infinite number of mood variants, always in harmony with the identity of your brand, and immerses the customer in an ambience that fits exactly to the garment you have tried on.