What are the best social IoT projects

Digitization presents every company with completely new and sometimes very difficult decisions. Some of them can be particularly demanding, not least because they have a long-lasting meaning.

We help you to decide whether an IoT platform is necessary and show you exactly what advantages you can expect. We support you in choosing the right platform and guide you step by step to your goal. Through our hands-on experience, we also know the deeper details and the small differences, so that we can successfully support you in your decision-making.

Through workshops and personal discussions, we enable you to ask the right questions and thus ensure a successful project start. Together with you, we will develop a solution that complies with current standards and meets high quality requirements. When it comes to difficult questions, we don't leave you in the dark, but instead actively contribute our know-how. We do this not only in an advisory capacity, but also, if you wish, with the concrete implementation of your idea.

We make sure that no question goes unanswered

  • Do you need an IoT platform?
  • Which platform is best?
  • Is there enough security from the sensor to the cloud?
  • Does the solution also scale with many devices?
  • Is it possible to integrate it into the existing ecosystem?
  • Is the solution data protection compliant?

The path to a mature, networked system is not easy, but it is worth it! According to a study by IoT Analytics, 80% of IoT projects have achieved a positive ROI and 50% of these projects have amortized the associated costs within one year. In addition to the monetary incentives, experience is gained in an increasingly important field with which you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Choosing an IoT platform is a big job. If you want to dig deeper into the topic, we can recommend this blog post. Inquire about how you can use new technology to build new products - in real life with prototyping or virtually using AR / VR.

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