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In autumn 1985 a trio from Norway conquered the international charts: A-ha caused a sensation with their song "Take On Me" and singer Morten Harket made girls' hearts beat faster. But the way to the top of the charts is long and rocky for the band from Norway. In 1982 the Neue Deutsche Welle swept across the country. Bands like Trio from Gro├čenkneten land a huge hit with "Da da da". Pal, Magne and singer Morten also want to become pop stars as A-ha and try their hand at their first songs. In fact, the three Norwegians get a record deal.

"Take On Me" flops

But the song, which initially seems promising, flops. An English professional producer takes the song again and changes it. The single flops again. 300 records are sold - all over Europe. Yet the song has that certain something. And by the way, singer Morten Harket also looks outrageously good. Unfortunately, you don't hear that. Only one thing helps: the song is edited again.

Music video spikes record sales for A-ha

A-ha 1988: Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket and Pal Waaktaar-Savoy captured the hearts of their fans with hits like "Take On Me".

Directed by the experienced Steve Barron, a music video is being shot that is supposed to cause a stir. The result is a small work of art, in the lead role of the smart singer as a comic hero who dies a tragic death only to appear to the pretty reader of the comic as a human being made of flesh and blood. The music video is going to be a blast, it is shown on TV channels all over the world. The song is in everyone's ears, and record sales suddenly skyrocket. In addition to the 300 singles previously sold, eight million are now over the counter. "Take On Me" made it to number one in no less than 36 countries and made Pal, Magne and Morten world stars.

The story was a hit

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