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It sounds a lot better in Hindi.
No way in Hindi ask for the price ("Kidna paise?").
Never ask for the price in Hindi ("Kidna paise?").
C wanted the notes along the way and A Propos on hindi translate, in one volume.
Someone, C., wanted to translate Notes on the Way and A Propos into Hindi, in one volume.
Brijesh Kumar speaks the text of "Secret Garden" in Hindi a.
Chander Mohan translated the German version of "Secret Garden" into Hindi.
Tell me what does the button mean? in Hindi?
tell me what you call a button in Hindi?
What is the divorce in Hindi?
The game of memory first appeared in translation in Hindibefore the original English version was published.
The Play of Memory «(2005), which was published in Hindi translation before the English edition.
Although there are several ways to say "I love you" in Hindi to say, this phrase is the easiest and easiest to learn.
Though there are several ways to say "I love you" in Hindi, this phrase is one simplest and easiest to learn.
Arogya Parivar - "Healthy Family" in Hindi - is a for-profit social enterprise founded by Novartis that takes a market-based approach to improve access to health care for the indigent rural population in India.
Arogya Parivar, meaning "Healthy Family" in Hindi, is a for-profit social business developed by Novartis that adapts a market-based approach to improve healthcare access for India's rural poor.
It comes and promotes a free market, globalization ... As Modi in Hindi began to speak, hundreds of hands frantically grabbed their headphones [for translation].
It came and promoted a free market, a globalization that is 'losing its shine' ... When Modi began to talk in Hindi, hundreds of hands reached hectically for headphones [to hear the translation].
Many children came and sang the traditional Bajans in Hindi and came to prayer before the cross.
Many children came singing the bajans in Hindi and gathering close for the prayer around the cross.
The fact that I, who would have written this book in Gujarati, decided to do it in Hindi to write shows my dislocation.
The very fact that I, who would have chosen to write in Gujarati, have chosen to write in Hindi is indicative of my displacement.
His light, imaginative dishes are based on a beautiful balance between innovation and high respect for Indian culinary art - for which he with his Rasoi Restaurant ("kitchen" in Hindi) was awarded its first Michelin star in London in 2006.
His simple, imaginative dishes are based on an idyllic balance between innovation and the utmost respect for the art of Indian cuisine - for which he received his first Michelin star in 2006 with his Rasoi restaurant ("Kitchen" in Hindi) in London.
The palace was called Ganga Mahal ('Mahal' means 'palace' in Hindi).
The palace was called "Ganga Mahal" (Mahal means palace in Hindi).
Hear you stories in Hindi at!
Basic words and phrases in Hindi
Before that, there were Bollywood films in Hindi with German subtitles on the channels ARTE and VOX.
Previously, Bollywood movies had been broadcast in Hindi with German subtitles on ARTE and VOX.
Our pioneering Shruti program (this means in Hindi "hearing") bridges this gap by providing community health workers in poor urban areas in India and Bangladesh with ear testing equipment.
Our groundbreaking Shruti program (meaning "to hear" in Hindi) bridges this gap by equipping community health workers in poor urban neighborhoods in India and Bangladesh with ear screening kits.
The present George Everest was grateful for the honor, but indicated that his name was not pronounced in India and neither in Hindi could still be written in Persian.
Everest himself objected to his name being used, as "the native of India" could not pronounce it and it could not be written in Hindi.
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