For which team does Alex Morgan play

USA star Alex Morgan can imagine a Bundesliga change: "It would be very exciting"

Alex Morgan is one of the most famous female soccer players in the world. The superstar of women's football scored five goals in the historic 13-0 opening win of the USA against Thailand. In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, the 29-year-old talked about a possible move to the Bundesliga - and surprised with her statement.

Alex Morgan switches to theWomen's Bundesliga? At the World Cup in France, the US attacker caused a stir with five goals and two assists in the 13-0 victory over Thailand - and on Sunday evening (6 p.m.) she will play with the US women in the second group game against Chile. The 29-year-old is a star in the USA, plays in films, writes children's books - is, so to speak, the female counterpart to Juventus Turin superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Will we soon see more of her in Germany? In an interview with the Picture on sunday the striker from US club Orlando Pride spoke about a possible move to the Bundesliga.

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Alex Morgan: move to the Bundesliga? "Playing in Germany would be very exciting"

Morgan, also a cover star for FIFA 19, shows many insights into her life via Instagram. 6.1 million people currently follow her on this platform - 3.59 million on Twitter and 3.38 million on Facebook. "I don't pay much attention to the number of followers," Morgan said now. “But it's important to me to be accessible to my fans. This is the only way I can send inspiration for the next generation of young players. ”Her husband Servando Carrasco, who plays as a professional footballer for LA Galaxy and has been married to Morgan since 2014, is also often seen in photos. The couple have no children and live in Los Angeles.

And soon in Germany? The Bundesliga is one of the strongest leagues in the world. In addition to the French ones (Morgan was already on loan to series champion Olympique Lyon in 2017), German clubs are permanent guests in the final rounds of the European Cup. Morgan doesn't seem averse. "I wouldn't rule out playing overseas again," she said, giving her German fans hope: "Playing in Germany in particular would be very exciting."

Alex Morgan is committed to equal pay

In the country of the defending champions USA, there has been a movement led by ex-national goalkeeper Hope Solo for a long time to promote equality between men and women, especially since the team around star player Morgan is considerably more successful than their male colleagues. Some players have even sued the US Football Association to seek equal rights. This includes Morgan, who has campaigned for equality in sport for many years. "We have to invest even more in women's sports in the US," Morgan said to the paper. But that also applies to the rest of the world. "Women's football is growing tremendously."