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Electric pasture fence

Electric pasture fence for sheep, chickens and Co.

Fences & Tore Axel Friedrichsmeier GmbH is your experienced partner for everything related to fence construction. In this context you will of course also find the right one with us Electric pasture fence for your animals. On the one hand, the fences ensure that your own animals are safely fenced off. On the other hand, predators such as the wolf should be kept away. On this page we would like to introduce you to our extensive range, go into the most important components of an electric pasture fence for sheep, chickens or horses and discuss the advantages and any restrictions.

Why is an electric pasture fence useful?

An electric pasture fence is based on the principle of deterrence in the form of electrical impulses. A closed circuit is necessary for current to flow in general. This does not exist in the operational state for the time being, but is only established when touched: The animal touches the fence and receives a brief electrical surge. This is of course harmless to animals or humans and is transmitted via the earth. Nevertheless, it does not miss its effect. Here the psychological effect plays more of a role, which acts as a deterrent after initial contact - unlike, for example, a fence made of solid wooden posts. There are some advantages with this principle electric fence variant hand in hand. On the one hand, the special mobility and flexibility should be mentioned here. The fences can be installed, relocated, rebuilt or retrofitted with relatively little effort. They can also be removed with the help of special Electric fence energizers easy to control without having to walk through it completely.

Different designs for your electric pasture fence

Our list of different types shows that no electric pasture fence is like the other. For example, we offer the Hippolux variant, which stands for maximum safety in connection with horses. The fence combines high economic efficiency with a long service life and good visibility. Discover also the many other solutions from our range or let our experienced specialists advise you directly which electric fence is the best choice for your needs.