Why is quinine banned?

Tonic Water and Breastfeeding: Allowed or Forbidden?

Many love the unique bitter taste of this drink. But can you quench your thirst while breastfeeding with tonic water?

Why does tonic water taste bitter?

Tonic Water impresses with its special and unique taste, which is mainly due to the quinine it contains. The active ingredient is obtained from the bark of the quinine tree and serves not only as a bitter but also as a medicinal substance. In principle, it is considered to be well tolerated. However, women should be more careful with quinine while breastfeeding.

Can tonic water harm the baby while breastfeeding?

In some places it is recommended to avoid quinine entirely during breastfeeding, as it is assumed that the active ingredient could lead to dependence in the baby. However, there is no clear scientific evidence as to the quantities above which this applies. One also reads that this would require a high consumption and that there is nothing wrong with an occasional glass of tonic water.

What we recommend is to pay attention to the amount and not to consume the drink by the liter. The amount of quinine in tonic water also depends on the variety. Some variants of the drink have a higher proportion than others. So if you want to treat yourself to a glass on a girls' evening together, just make sure when shopping that you opt for a more lactation-friendly variant.

Of course, there are plenty of quinine-free alternatives to choose from. Try some delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.


If you feel like a glass of tonic water every now and then, treat yourself to the drink. However, you shouldn't overdo it because of the quinine it contains. If you prefer to do without it completely, then you would prefer a delicious alcohol-free and quinine-free cocktail. There are plenty of alternatives.

Image source: pixabay.com / PhotoMIX-Company

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