Motorcycles pollute more than cars

Pointless motorcycles

Motorcycles are only very rarely a serious means of transport to get from A to B or even to transport something. This fact gives them a special role in resource and emissions discussions.

In addition, due to their infrequent use, they hardly appear statistically, even if they show, as a single item, sometimes catastrophic environmental data. That is why they were largely left out of all debates in the past.

Emission standards for two-wheelers

In the excitement curve of the Internet postings, we recognize two high points, namely in 2006, when the Euro 3 emissions standard was introduced, and in 2016/17, when Euro 4 was tightened with a new test cycle. But actually the rest of the world didn't care. Motorcycles are still noisy stinkers with very high consumption compared to cars. However, they only become a burden on society at certain points.

Body and life

The high risk to life and limb caused by clumsy or risky driving primarily affects the motorcyclists themselves, the pollution of the environment is usually only noticeable when the motorcycle does not comply with the regulations or is driven by an idiot. Regionally, it is most likely to lead to harsh controversies, mainly when the number of motorcycles crossing a town is simply too high. What should you do there? To some people, their motorcycle means everything. They are not forbidden because of the high number of dead, why should they be forbidden because of their futility? (Rudolf Skarics, August 17, 2017)