How do I create a new sport

How can I personalize sport modes with the Suunto app (iOS)?

Your Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 7, Suunto 9 and Suunto Spartan are equipped with many defined sport modes and show the most relevant data during your training. You can also create your own sport modes with the Suunto app.

How to create a new personalized sport mode:

  1. Connect your watch to the Suunto app and choose Personalization of sport modes.
  2. Tap Create sport mode.
  3. in the Select pop-up sport you can choose the type of your activity

Tip: You can create multiple sport modes for the same sport. For example, you can have a personalized running mode for races and for recovery units.

Personalize the layout and the data shown in the window:

  1. To change the display layout, tap To change and choose the layout you want.

2. To change the data, tap a field in the list and select the data you want.


Your new personalized sport mode will be shown in the short list above. The Suunto app automatically synchronizes your new personalized sport mode with your watch. Open Training / Suunto Wear app on your watch and you can already select the personalized sport mode to try out.

How to edit a personalized sport mode:

To distinguish between predefined sport modes, personalized sport modes are marked with a colored symbol in the short list of the Suunto app and can be edited:

  1. Tap the sport mode you want to edit.
  2. Personalize the layout and the data fields as described above.

When you have finished editing the data, the Suunto app automatically synchronizes the changes with your watch.

This is how you manage the short list in your Suunto watch:

The last sport modes you used are displayed in the short list of your watch. Both predefined and personalized sport modes can be deleted from the short list. However, only personalized sport modes can be edited.

To delete a sport mode from the list, tap To edit next to the Short list on the watch. Delete the sport modes you don't need.

Note: You cannot delete all sport modes from the shortlist. There must be at least one sport mode in the list.

Other settings for sport modes *

* Some watch models have additional options for sport modes, please note the different functions in the individual watches.

Settings such as GPS accuracy / battery modes, use of heart rate measurement and / or others can be selected or changed in the watch before starting an activity.

The personalization of sport modes is not displayed in your Suunto app?

To use sport mode personalization you need

  1. the latest version of the Suunto app: Open the Suunto app in the App Store and check for pending updates.
  2. The latest software version for your Suunto product:
    1. For the Suunto 7: System updates are downloaded and installed automatically while your watch is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. However, if a system update is not installed automatically, you can download and install it manually. Find out more about Suunto 7 updates here.
    2. For Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 9 and Suunto Spartan watches: Install SuuntoLink and connect your watch to your computer with the charging cable. SuuntoLink and the Suunto app will let you know when a new software update is available for your device.