Could someone climb a skyscraper without equipment

Skyscraper climber films his own death and falls into the depths

Wu Yongning from China was an adrenaline junkie who garnered thousands of fans online with breakneck actions. His last so-called "Rooftop Challenge" ended fatally for him

More and more clicks on the net, more and more fans, more and more adrenaline - people risk their lives to become famous on the Internet. Wu Yongning was also one of them.

What is rooftopping?

"Rooftopper" are people who illegally climb onto skyscrapers and similar buildings without security and then distribute spectacular photos and videos of them on the Internet. A trend that has already ended fatally for many, including Wu.

62 floors to death

According to media reports, a sponsor for a rooftop challenge is said to have offered a whopping $ 15,000 if someone conquers the "Huayuan International Center" high-rise in Changsa. In the video you can see Wu hanging on the outside facade of the building, but when trying to climb back up, his feet keep slipping off the smooth facade. Several times he tries a few pull-ups, but finally the 26-year-old loses his strength, he loses his footing and falls into the depths. His own camera records everything.

Wedding proposal planned

His senseless death is sad enough, but what's even more tragic is that he actually wanted to propose to his girlfriend the next day. As his mother reported in an interview, Wu needed the prize money for the wedding, which unfortunately will never take place.