What nervous thought always comes to mind

# F├╝nfAmFreitag: Quick tips against nervousness and excitement

# 1 Accept nervousness

It is well known that self-awareness is the first step towards improvement: acknowledge that you are nervous and do not try to ignore or ignore the excitement - it will not work anyway. As a protective mechanism, nervousness puts you in a state in which you are particularly vigilant and sensitive. This is often inconvenient, but it makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view: Now it's about something and you have to do your best!

# 2 Inhale, exhale

Now take a deep breath! It is not for nothing that people like to give this advice. Breathing exercises not only serve the purpose of supplying your brain with adequate oxygen, they also distract you from your nervousness. Inhale consciously, consciously exhale again - if you only concentrate on that, worrying thoughts have to take a break.

# 3 power posing

Fake it till you make it. Taking so-called power poses can give you more self-confidence and is particularly suitable as an emergency tip for situations in which a cup of lemon balm tea or a lavender bath can no longer run out. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains in an entertaining way what influence your body language has on you as a person and what the power poses are all about.

# 4 Stop the thought carousel

If your thoughts are only about the upcoming unpleasant meeting or the possibility of your failure, you can use small exercises to distract yourself from your nervousness.

# 5 Focus on prevention

If it is already foreseeable that you will get into an exciting situation, you can do something in advance to counteract the nervousness that is sure to budge. You can prepare adequately for appointments such as discussions or presentations. You can also bring your body into balance, e.g. by avoiding acidic foods such as dairy and meat products as well as white flour. Do things that you enjoy and do you good: meet friends, go for a walk, or run a Netflix marathon.