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10 benefits of having a dog - for your health and soul

All dog parents can confirm this: Dogs have an incredibly positive effect on us humans - both in social and health terms! One article alone is probably not enough to name all the benefits of having a dog - but let's try anyway! We particularly want to health and social effects - and last but not least the clear advantage of dating - because they caught our eye in particular! Do you think your dog can have a positive impact on your social and love life? Read on and find out.

Choosing a dog is almost like having a child - you take care of another living being. And that is a great responsibility, which - once accepted - will always pay off. Regardless of whether you want to adopt a dog or if he finds you in some other way, the benefits of a dog are limitless. Find out now our top 10 advantages of keeping a dog and how you can always protect your best friend.

They make us feel loved

Do you have a dog and do you love him more than anything? Well, the chances are that that love will be reciprocated and that's good for both of you! The Experience of this unconditional lovethat our best four-legged friends bring us is incomparable and no secret to most dog parents.

People often behave like lovebirds when they are near their four-legged friends and this is due to a physical reaction. According to this studylooking into your dog's eyes increases the oxytocin level (also known as "cuddle hormone") in your body. This hormonal reaction of our body always occurs when we experience a feeling of social connection, togetherness and affection.

Studies have also shown that your body makes more dopamine - also known as the happiness hormone - when you spend more time with your dog. One of many reasons dog owners are happier.

Dogs help us make new friends

Dogs not only increase our feeling of happiness, well-being and our social bond, but also give us the necessary push to face new situations and meet new people. According to a Harvard study surveying men and women in different large cities, they learn Pet owners are 60% more likely to know their neighbors than people without pets¹.

Dog owners get to know new people more easily than people without a dog, as they walk their dogs every day.

That's the way it is! If you have a dog, you are much more likely to make personal contacts with other people who have the same affection as you for their four-legged friends. And this can be incredibly helpful if you are looking for new friendships, dates and partners, or just want to get to know people around you.

Dogs make us more attractive to potential partners

Dogs not only make it easier for us to make new friends, they can also make us more attractive. According to this study, keeping a dog increases their chances of dating for certain groups of men. Another study by Direct Line found that 46% of Britons believe that animal lovers are more attractive potential partners be considered. Approximately a third of those taking part in the study believe that dog owners are more loyal, compassionate and friendly are. The study also concluded that women are more attracted to animal-loving people than men.

Benefits of having a dog when dating

So dogs help us to make new friends and to be perceived as attractive - that's really great! But do the benefits of having a dog really go so far as to include the search for love? Do Dogs Improve Our Online Dating Chances? The answer to that seems to be a resounding YES!

A study of the feed brand "I and love and you" came after one Interviewed 2,000 Americans to an interesting conclusion: 39% of the respondents stated that they were solely due to the fact that they had the Wanted to get to know the dog in the photo of the person, swiped right on your profile. That's what we call love at first sight!

The So adding some cute dog selfies to your dating profile can increase the chances of matching a new person. Be aware, however, that honesty is required here: Those who had a match with a person whose dog in the photo was not theirs said they were “very upset” when they found out that the dog was not this one Person belonged to.

There are other ways dogs can help us date: New dog dating apps and websites keep popping up, just waiting to bring dog-loving people together.

Dogs keep us in shape

Unlike cats, our dogs require more time, exercise and attention. First and foremost, they expect their mistresses or masters to to be taken for a walk every day. That means one of the benefits of having a dog is motivating you to get up from the cozy couch, get out of the house, and take healthy walks in the fresh air every day. It is also a lot of fun to do sports with your dog. Jogging, cycling or hiking - most of our four-legged friends are part of every adventure.

With all of these great ways to stay fit together, you may also want to measure your dog's progress with an activity tracker. With this high-tech device for dogs, you can track your dog's daily activity, including active minutes and periods of rest. And don't forget - dogs will also support you if you want to shed a few pounds.

Dogs take away stress and support the health of our cardiovascular system

Maybe you already knew - or felt! Your dog will help you reduce your stress level. And it may even have positive effects on your cardiovascular system. According to the American Heart Association, the Owning a dog can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, several studies to which the statement was related concluded that Dog owners have lower blood pressure than people without a dog.

Dogs protect us

For a long time, dogs have served us as protectors and guards and take care of the safety of their human family. There are Dogs that can detect allergens and some can even detect prostate cancer. Last but not least, guide dogs, hearing dogs, assistance dogs and therapy dogs should be mentioned here. In this way, dogs play an important role in helping people with visual or hearing impairments, protecting us from intruders, illness and much more.

Dogs help us get older

There is tons of evidence of how dogs can help the elderly. The benefits of having a dog in old age can be seen in many things:

  • Dogs motivate us to exercise more.
  • You keep us company.
  • We experience more social interaction.
  • They relieve stress.
  • Dogs lower our blood pressure.
  • You protect us.

Dog therapy is also used successfully to help people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The company of a dog helps alleviate the effects of dementia, such as loneliness, confusion, depression, and anxiety. Some research even suggests that dogs are able to sniff out Alzheimer's disease in urine samples.

Take Sami, the dog, who doesn't leave the side of Charleen's father-in-law, who suffers from dementia. With the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs, both Sami and his master can be reliably located at any time.


Dogs are great with children

In addition, there is ample evidence that dogs have a beneficial effect on children. For example, this study demonstrated that Children who grew up with pets are less likely to have allergies. According to another study, the Affection for a pet will help children manage their emotions.

Another investigation found that young people (between 18 and 26) with a strong bond with their pets are more satisfied with their surroundings and in their relationships. The study also states that people who had a pet as teenagers or young adults are considered to be more empathetic and confident.

Dogs are meaningful

The dog is man's best friend. They are family members, companions and confidants - and of course they also represent a great obligation and responsibility. We should only enter into this with full conviction and with all our hearts. However, the benefits of having a dog far outweigh any obligations.

They give meaning to our lives by:

  • To take responsibility,
  • experience unconditional love,
  • develop healthy daily habits,
  • Experience friendship and a feeling of togetherness,
  • maintain our physical and mental balance thanks to them.

The burden of proof is clear: Dogs go a long way in giving meaning and purpose to our lives, strengthen our health, life satisfaction and even increase our dating chances. Because dogs play such an important role in our lives, we developed the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs. So we can always keep our four-legged companions safely by our side. Find out how it works here. And we would like to know from you too: How did your dog improve your life?

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