Why do Siberian Huskies lose a lot

How to find your dream husky!

If you want to make a Siberian Husky a member of the family, you should look for good breeders. Anyone who has found such a person also has the ideal contact person for the future with their dream dog, because serious breeders are happy to answer questions about health, their breed-specific health care, nutrition and employment as well as the education of the sporting canons. You can enjoy your first contact with the puppy in the breeder's house and get to know the parent animals at the same time. In the best case scenario, the breeder will also give you a bit of a scrutiny, after all it is up to him to find out whether you can offer your dream puppy a good and species-appropriate home. When buying from a breeder, pay attention to their membership of a dog association or club, so do not buy a pedigree dog without papers. With the latter, unfortunately, it is usually only about the contents of your wallet instead of the dog's welfare. The supposed purebred dog bargain quickly turns into a cost trap: Preventive health care is usually a nuisance here, as is the necessary vaccinations or hygiene measures in the puppy's vicinity. The small four-legged friends are usually not properly socialized, the parent animals are often not kept in a species-appropriate manner - there is no question of health-oriented breeding selection according to breed standards anyway. Anyone who is a fan of the breed can also find reputable Siberian Husky breeders through the national umbrella organizations. If it can be an adult dog or if you also have a heart for Husky mixed breeds, there are other options: In many countries there are "Husky in Need" associations or "Sled Dog Help Organizations" that are specifically involved in the placement of Dedicate sled dogs that have lost their original homes. The former owner or foster home can inform you about the dog's character and talk to you to find out whether the four-legged friend suits you. Local animal shelters also have sled dog representatives from time to time looking for a new home. Regardless of whether from the breeder or from animal welfare: A vaccination certificate is always included.

We wish you many wonderful adventures with your Siberian Husky!