How often should you cut your fingernails?

Cut and file fingernails properly

Instructions: cut and file fingernails yourself

Before you start shortening, remove any polish residues, take a nourishing hand bath and push back the cuticles. After a short break, during which the nails dry, you can start.

Nail scissors or file - which is the right tool?

Choose the right tool for shortening: A file is best for gently shaping the nails. Glass files are ideal, but fine-grain sand files can also be used. Avoid coarse files and files made of steel, they roughen the nail - the risk of splintering increases.

To prevent the nails from splitting, always work from the side towards the center of the nail. Move the file straight over the edge of the nail in long movements.

If you cut your fingernails with scissors, they can splinter and break off more easily. Experts advise against it. If you still want to trim your nails as quickly as possible, it is better to use a nail clipper or special nail nippers. Since this often results in uneven edges, file them down afterwards.

The right length

Be careful not to trim your fingernails too much. They should go a little bit beyond the nail bed and lie freely on the side of the skin. Otherwise there is a risk that the nail will grow in or the nail bed will become inflamed.

In addition, the question of the correct nail length depends on personal taste. While some people prefer long nails, others get along better with a natural, everyday length.

However, not everyone has naturally strong nails to achieve a specific length. Read in this article what you can do yourself to fulfill your desire for long fingernails. Strengthening the link to soft fingernails: the best tips!

Shape of nails

There are numerous nail shapes that can be filed easily or at great expense:

Straight nail tips

To do this, bring the nails into a rectangular shape. The nail remains as wide as the natural nail bed. If the corners are too sharp for you, you can round them off accordingly.

Oval nail tips

The nails look particularly natural when they have an oval shape. To do this, file the nail straight on the side lines. Only the tip of the nail is clearly and evenly rounded. This works best when the nails are a little longer.

Round nail tips

With the round nail shape, the nails are filed round from the nail bed onwards. This shape is suitable for shorter nails.

Almond shape

With this shape, file the nails in the shape of an almond. In order for this to work, they have to become increasingly narrow towards the front on the sidelines. The tip itself is also rounded off. The almond shape is particularly suitable for everyday use and prevents the nails from tearing.

Mountain peaks and stiletto

Short, pointed nails are known as mountain peaks. The fingernails are sharply filed from the nail bed to the tip. If these nails are also very long, one speaks of the stiletto shape.