What makes a good colored pencil

Everything you need to know about colored pencils

How do crayons paint?

When writing or painting with colored pencils, the color pigments are released to the paper and stick there due to the adhesive force.

What are colored pencils made of?

The colored lead consists of colored pigments, fats, waxes, binders and fillers such as kaolin or talc.
Wood is most often used for the sheathing of the mine. Different types of wood can be used for this, for example poplar, linden and cedar. 100% FSC-certified wood is used for Pelikan colored pencils to ensure that the wood comes from well-managed forests.

What are watercolor crayons or water-soluble crayons?

The refills of watercolor crayons are made on a water basis. After drawing, the color can be smeared with a brush and water and painted into a watercolor painting.

When were crayons invented?

It has been painted with various color-emitting materials such as graphite, chalk or clay for many centuries, but still without a wooden cover. It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that the oil chalk pens of that time were encased in a protective wooden cover and became the crayons as we know them today.

How are colored pencils made?

First, grooves are milled lengthways in two wooden boards. Then one half of the wooden board is filled with a prefabricated lead and then pressed together with the second half. A special wood glue holds the lead and pieces of wood together. Last but not least, the pens are sharpened by turning them over sandpaper.

How long are colored pencils?

On average, colored pencils are between 170mm and 185mm long.

Pelikan colored pencils are 175mm long.

How do you remove colored pencil stains?

Colored pencil stains can generally be easily removed from textiles and other smooth surfaces with heavy duty detergent or all-purpose cleaner. For more details and tips, visit our stain doctor.

What should you look out for when buying colored pencils?

High-quality colored pencils are characterized by high-quality leads and a wooden casing made from an environmentally friendly material such as FSC wood. Good leads are break-resistant and still give off the color well. The colors are intensely bright.

Why do crayons break?

Typically, it is not the pins themselves that break, but the mines. This is due to the composition of the lead material, which must be such that the paint particles are released well.

How long do colored pencils last and what should you watch out for when storing them?

Colored pencils can be stored for a very long time. For the longest possible lifespan, colored pencils should be stored safely and protected from falling. For example in pencil cases or pen holders.

How many colored pencils do you need?

How many crayons you need depends mainly on the age of the user and the intended use. Small children usually only need a few basic colors. School beginners typically need 12 colors. Older students, teens, and adults / artists like to use 24, 36, or more colors to express themselves creatively.