What does Linus Torvalds think of Oracle

Linux inventor Torvalds: Stay away from Oracle's ZFS

Oracle's ZFS is considered to be one of the most modern file systems. Originally developed by Sun for Solaris, it has since been released as open source and can therefore also be used with other Unix variants and Linux. With Ubuntu, the latest version even goes so far as to support the installation of the system files on ZFS. Probably the most prominent Linux advocate thinks very little of all of this.

hands off

In a forum entry, Linux founder Linus Torvalds found quite clear words about the use of ZFS: "Don't use ZFS. It's that simple". The main reason he refers to is the problem of licensing. With the CDDL, ZFS uses a license that, in the opinion of many experts, is incompatible with the GPL2 of the kernel. Accordingly, it is impossible to include ZFS in the kernel as long as Oracle does not rethink. If he ever receives an official letter from Oracle's legal department or, even better, from Oracle boss Larry Ellison personally, one can discuss it again.

Torvalds also does not believe in bridging solutions that integrate ZFS externally. Changes to the kernel would cause problems again and again. Quite apart from the fact that the licensing problem is not avoided here, but only moved to another place.


In addition, Torvalds also points out that Oracle is not a reliable partner for the open source community, in which he describes the company as "complacent". He is alluding to the fact that Oracle has been conducting a legal dispute with Google for years about its continued use of Java APIs (programming interfaces). Experts warn that a victory by Oracle, i.e. the assessment that APIs can be legally protected, would have a devastating effect on the open source world, as it would make many free reimplementations of known software illegal. (apo, January 12th, 2020)