Why does shisha make you dizzy?

Eight facts about hookah: are hookah pipes less dangerous than cigarettes?

Smoking shisha is cool and a lot less dangerous than cigarettes? You know that better, don't you? Six well-known myths to check whether they are really true.

Smoking shisha is more harmless than smoking cigarettes.

NOT CORRECT. Tobacco smoke is a dangerous mixture of poisons - whether from a cigarette or a water pipe. Burning tobacco produces toxic substances that cause cancer and get into the lungs. Point. It is true that the water pipe tobacco is not burned directly at lower temperatures, but only "carbonized". But tobacco contains sugar and syrup, which can then cause cancer and irritate the mucous membranes.

The water filters out the pollutants when smoking a Shisha.

NOT CORRECT. Unlike most cigarettes, water pipes don't have a filter at all. The water cools the smoke down so it doesn't scratch your throat so hard. However, the water cannot purify the smoke. Some substances from the shisha smoke do indeed dissolve. But that's not enough to make it safe. It can even be more damaging to the lungs because it is inhaled deeper.

Good to know:During a shisha session you pump on average as much nicotine into your body as with 10 cigarettes.

Tobacco-free hookahs are less dangerous.

NOT CORRECT. The smoke from tobacco-free water pipes also contains many substances that can be dangerous to health. Steam stones, herbal mixtures and special gels can do without tobacco. But don't let it dazzle you: Wherever coal or other substances are burned, the risk of cancer increases. Toxic substances are inhaled with or without tobacco.

Hookah tobacco is healthier because it doesn't contain tar.

NAJA. It is true that it is always written on the packaging. But that's not entirely true: Tar generally only arises when tobacco is heated - whether in the cigarette or in the shisha. Good to know what tar actually is - namely all substances except nicotine and water that are formed when tobacco is burned.

Good to know:29% of 12 to 17 year olds have smoked shisha before. It's like every third one with cigarettes.

Smoking shisha is not addictive.

NOT CORRECT. Nicotine is addictive. And the nerve poison is contained in water pipes as well as in cigarette smoke. You even get a particularly high amount of nicotine through the hookah - so the risk of becoming addicted is even higher. Shisha smokers have exactly the same problems getting rid of it as other smokers. Harmless? Nope.

The water pipe smoke is only dangerous for the smokers themselves.

HMMMM… This question has not yet been answered with certainty. Even in a hookah bar, poisons are released into the air, which are bad for the respiratory tract. Scientists still have to find out how high the particulate matter actually is. These are the tiny particles that make car exhaust so dangerous. As long as you do not know exactly about this, pregnant women should definitely not visit a shisha bar.

The hookah cigarette battle: water pipe and cigarette smoke in direct comparison

Shisha: The pollution is quite high

Shisha and Corona: Warning!

When smoking shisha, several people are often attached to the same mouthpiece. It's kind of comradely and connecting. But makes it easy for pathogens to spread via saliva: Herpes viruses as well as the coronaviruses that cause COVID-19.