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Hello everybody

On the subject, here is a story that I experienced myself last week:

I am an end user myself and want to / wanted to buy a pair of new pants.
Since I am always very difficult when choosing, I buy the same model several times at certain time intervals - just like with shoes. So I know what I have and that it fits.
These products can then also be of a higher quality or more expensive.

So I landed on the website of the manufacturer of the pants that I already wore.
Quickly entered the name and the desired size and it showed me all possible colors.
Next to it, of course, the button: Add to the shopping cart. So I would have had the 3 pants at home directly from the manufacturer within 2-3 days, free of charge.

Since I am a friend of supporting the domestic trade, I took the trouble and looked at the stationary traders within a radius of 25 km. Fortunately, the next dealer was in the next town around the corner.
So on the next Saturday afternoon we went straight there and looked for a parking space for a little over 30 minutes. About 1 km away I finally found one and made 3 crosses that the weather was good. When I got to the store, there were 2 sellers and 6 buyers, so now I had time to look around. Since the summer season has already started again in most shops, I haven't found much, but since I buy in the “here and now” and not 3-4 months in advance, I was allowed to sit down and wait. That also took about 30 minutes. When I talked to the seller - who was very nice by the way - it came out that 2 of the 3 pants are not in stock. 1 pair of pants was there in the same color, but not in my size. When asked if you could order these pants, I was a little nervous. Anything from minimum order quantities or high freight costs would not make this ordering process possible. "Unfortunately" I persisted and had to convince the retailer that I don't want to trade, but just want to buy. And that also with him where I was standing ...

Then he swallowed too. After about 3 weeks !! the pants finally arrived. So drove back into town, looked for a parking space, waited behind other customers in the store, etc. Price, color, size, etc. everything as agreed, so I paid with my card and left.

The online ordering process takes about 5 minutes, the trip to the stationary trade, including discussions, searching for a parking space and other imponderables, about 4.5 hours. Price was absolutely identical. In-patient processing is only satisfactory to sufficient.

Now the gist of my long post. There is absolutely NO good reason to fend off an online shop, except maybe that it entails a little more costs and you have to live with the returns, which are returned anyway. Especially in my case I would order again and again on site, even if the price was !! within a reasonable framework !! higher.
I don't have this chance at any of my local fashion retailers. That is also the reason why I can no longer hear the whining of the dealers in many cases, that so much is being bought online (sorry for the harsh words) : It's always the other's fault.

My tip as an end user to dealers: open a webshop! You have nothing to lose with it. In almost all cases you can only win.
- If I can order from the manufacturer with free shipping and send it back, then the retailers must be able to do so too.
- If I am not approached directly by the manufacturer about minimum order quantities, then as a retailer I would not put up with that either.
- If I order my goods from the local retailer in their online shop and they order them, for example, the next morning from their supplier who sends them to me at home, how easy does the retailer still want to earn money? No advice, no costs for storage, no own goods control, no own transfer of risk etc. etc.

One could go on like this for a long time and wonder why so many retailers simply fail to wake up from their long slumber. You don't always have to be the cheapest or the one who is at the top of Google. It helps me when I know that the local shop will continue to exist in case I have to try on something new. You have to recognize what the customer wants and those are simplified shopping processes. Amazon recognized it, was laughed at at first and is now to blame for everything.

I hope that wasn't too much of a criticism, but this purchase really pissed me off last week.

Greetings daniel