EBooks are difficult to market

This is how you write an e-book that sells like sliced ​​bread

We have been eating bread for 3,000 years.

Not just as a luxury food, but as a staple food.

Especially us Germans. Bread is served daily for 90% of the entire population.

We used to bake the bread ourselves ... or buy a large, solid loaf of bread.

Until an American of German origin revolutionized our bread consumption: Otto Rohwedder from Iowa.

On the surface, “sliced ​​bread” sounds pretty simple. But the invention was Not light.

In 1912 Otto had the first prototype ready. But this was destroyed by a fire. It was not until 1928 that he had built a functioning bread cutting machine.

This was then advertised with the following slogan:

The biggest step forward in the bakery industry since bread was wrapped.

It was precisely this slogan that ultimately led to the phrase “like sliced ​​bread”.

Sliced ​​bread was a great success. And that's exactly how your e-book should sell.

Here I'll show you how it's done.

What makes me an authority?

I started the affenblog in 2012 with the idea of ​​exclusively selling digital products.

Today I sell around 100 of the monkey book alone per month. They are really a top seller here in the monkey blog! 😉

So I know a thing or two about how to use a blog to sell products and services.

“Okay Vladi. I believe you. You seem to know what you are talking about. "

Yeah, very cool!

Does an e-book make sense at all?

If you want to write an e-book that sells, you need to figure out what your audience wants, what their wants, and what they're willing to pay money for.

So the first question you should ask yourself is:

Does it even make sense to create an e-book? Isn't another medium better?

The problem with e-books is that they are perceived as being of the inferior quality.

Of course, an e-book is of high quality. But in relation to a video course, the e-book looks like an ugly duckling.

On the other hand, ebooks are easy to make and a great place to start if you want to create digital products.

I always advise my customers to start with a service first, because it helps right away can start.

But immediately after that comes the e-book! 😉

It works Not just about passion

Some "experts" advise you to write an e-book where you are passionate. This is the key to all of your dreams.

It works because we humans want to hear it. But that doesn't make it come true either.

Walter described it wonderfully here: It doesn't work just about writing about your passion.

Of course you have to have passion, otherwise you won't be able to last long.

But the demand is much more important. Therefore you have to find the golden mean - where you have passion and where there is demand. You have to use your passion to help people who are also looking for help. That is the crux of the matter.

E-books that sell solve problems

Your e-book has to be urgent and great Solve your readers' problem.

If so, it doesn't have to be 200 pages long. I know products that generate really nice sales with 50 pages.

It's about the sites offering a solution that people are willing to pay for.

And it is not so important that your solution can be found online. We humans don't like to research. We are all lazy. And that's okay too.

Another point is that many free sources are not trusted. A paid product is perceived as being of higher quality - “The author demands money for it, it got to be good".

Do the work for your clients and demonstratethat you are reliable and believable. And as long as you solve a serious problem, you'll make enough sales.

It always depends on the value

Basically, an e-book is just a collection of thoughts, ideas, and concepts. As I just said, this collection doesn't make it valuable.

Your e-book is a Tool to solve a problem. It is important that your customer has a Use draws from it.

Your customer doesn't want to buy information. He wants advice and solutions.

This is why an e-book can also be more expensive than a normal book. There are successful e-books from € 17 to € 197.

It always depends on which one value delivers this for the customer.

What about amazon


I always advise against selling your e-book on Amazon. Better to sell it directly on your blog.

Then not only do you have to deal with the strange guidelines, but you also have no problems with the competition. This consists of “cheap” books and e-books that information to sell.

Your masterpiece won't be able to keep up with that.

But your e-book solves an urgent problem. Thereby it delivers its added value.

If I z. If, for example, I use my monkey book to help someone who builds up a blog business with a monthly turnover of € 2,000, then the costs for the book are ridiculous.

I recently chopped with Björn Tantau and he also said that he hoped for more from Amazon when he launched his e-book. He had exactly the problem I mentioned - the competition from other e-books and, above all, the mode in which you buy books on Amazon. Now he sells his e-book directly on his blog.

You sell books on Amazon. With your blog you sell solutions.

How much can you make with an e-book?

First of all, e-books are Amazon's biggest growth segment. That should say something.

Also fascinating are this aunt and uncle, who both have already made over $ 1,000,000.

But these are e-books that entertain.

Focusing on entertainment rarely works. We need something with a much higher probability.

We don't need a lot of attention. There are lots of smaller sections and bloggers that are making really nice sales every month.

Here are some of them:

And there is a damn huge number of unreported cases.

A well-run blog and a good e-book could be enough for you to generate decent sales that are good enough to live on.

This combination, blog and e-book, is generally one of the best strategies you can use.

The e-book business is on. Slowly in this country too. Make sure you are one of the first and not one of the last.

The formula for e-books that sell

Creating and selling a digital product is a holistic marketing task.

It's pretty easy on the one hand, but pretty hard on the other.

Here are five steps to help you do this:

  1. Find a topic that you are passionate about and for which there is demand.
  2. Find out who your target audience is, what kind of problems they have and what they are deeply inner desires.
  3. Position your solution for this target group as "the best cure".
  4. Create a sales text by getting involved emotionally, justifying rationally and closing the whole thing with a call-to-action.
  5. Deliver more value than you asked for for the price.

Basically pretty doable, right?


The American Otto Rohwedder from Iowa has revolutionized bread consumption all over the world with his bread cutting machine.

Sliced ​​bread was a great success because it solved a problem. It wasn't a big problem. But we humans are all lazy.

And that is exactly the secret.

That's why you need to write an e-book that solves an urgent problem for a target audience. This is how you deliver added value.

And you have to make sure that you find a topic that you are passionate about and where there is enough demand.

So actually like always.

When will you write your first e-book?