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Greece vacation in Corona times: entry becomes easier

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The corona pandemic is also causing restrictions in Greece. The country is still considered a corona risk area. Tourist trips are possible again. Everything you need to know for vacationers.

  • Quarantine obligation for travelers from Germany lifted

  • Entry only with a negative corona test or proof of vaccination

  • All of Greece remains a risk area

  • Current incidence: 131.8 infected people per 100,000 population in the last seven days

The current situation in Greece

The incidence value is currently at 131,8 Infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days (as of May 21, source: Johns Hopkins University) well above the critical mark of 50 and also higher than currently in Germany.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has all of Greece for Risk area explained. The Foreign Office warns against traveling there.

Holidays in Greece: what travelers need to know

Important for entering Greece

Return to Germany from Greece

Tourism season officially opened

The most important corona rules in Greece

Air, ferry and land: what you have to consider

Important for entering Greece

  • Travel warning of the Foreign Office:YES

  • Corona-Risk areaYES

  • Corona test atentry: YES(PCR test, not older than 72 hours)

  • Entry form required: YES (Download *)

  • quarantine afterentry: NO

Entry form for Greece

All travelers must be at the latest 24 hours before you leave for Greece (Land, sea or air) fill in an online form * (also available in German) from the Greek civil protection authority. Among other things, name, place of residence and, if applicable, flight number are requested. You also have to provide details of visits to other countries, names, addresses and telephone numbers of Contact persons and give the address at which you can get in Greece can be reached during the vacation. camper must give at least a provisional residence address (campsite).

If the form is filled out correctly, you will receive one QR code (by e-mail or on his mobile phone), which must be presented upon entry.

According to information from the Greek government *, it is sufficient if one family traveling together filling out a form.

If no code can be presented, according to the Federal Foreign Office, one is required Fine of 500 euros possible.

For technical problems With the online registration, Greece has set up the service number +30 215 5605151 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.). The German diplomatic missions in Greece have no influence on the registration process.

Entry: compulsory test, but no quarantine

Entry to Greece is only possible with a certificate of one negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) from a recognized test laboratory in the country of departure. This must contain an accompanying diagnosis in English, stating your name, address and passport / ID card number. The obligation to test now also applies to Ferry travelers. Children under 5 years of age are exempt from the obligation to test.

As an alternative to the negative PCR test, the detection of a full vaccination against Covid-19. The second vaccination must be at least 14 days ago. According to information from the Greek embassy, ​​the yellow, common in Germany, is also used as proof International vaccination card recognized if the date of vaccination and the medical stamp are clearly visible or legible. Also important: proof of a survived infection exempted from the test requirement.

The obligation after entry an additional 7-day quarantine has to be observed for travelers from Germany and the other EU countries canceled.

After entering the country, vacationers must of course use the current ones Lockdown rules (see below) in Greece.

Entry and exit: is a corona self-test sufficient as proof?

The so-called corona self-tests for at home, which are available in discounters or drugstores, are checked during entry or exit Not accepted as test evidence. Here is a medical certificate or a documented negative test result is required.

This proof must be submitted to the Entry into Germany on paper or digitally in German, English or French. When entering other countries, please inform in advance in which languages ​​the test results will be accepted.

Return to Germany from Greece

  • Reporting requirement before returning:YES (Digital entry registration *)

  • Compulsory test For Air travelers at the place of departure: YES

  • Compulsory test to return:YES

  • quarantine in Germany:NO(Prerequisite for a negative corona test)

Important for returning to Germany from abroad

There is one in all of Germany Corona test compulsory for returnees from risk areas. Fully vaccinated and recovered persons are excluded.

All air travelers must also show a negative test result at check-in at the departure point - even if they are returning to Germany from non-risk areas. Fully vaccinated and convalescent patients are also excluded from this. There is no evidence of testing, vaccination or recovery no flight possible.

Depending on the type of risk area, different rules apply quarantine and the possibility of Freestyle.

Details on quarantine, compulsory tests and the digital entry form as well as everything on exceptions for vaccinated and convalescents can be found here. Just as important for entry High incidence and Virus variant areas.

Holiday season officially opened

On May 15, Greece officially opened the holiday season. Almost all of the big ones Hotel facilities receive guests again. Most Tourist Attractions and museums are also accessible again. The nocturnal exit ban remains in place. Apply in taverns, cafes and on managed beaches special measures such as a particularly large distance between tables and loungers.

Most tour operators are currently offering vacation trips to the Greek islands again. Charter flights gives there among other things Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Kos. Also Cruise ships head for Greece and its islands again.

The most important corona rules in Greece

The government has eased the corona restrictions in Greece. At the moment you have to pay attention to the following:

  • A nocturnal applies nationwide Curfew from 0.30 a.m. to 5 a.m., which of course also applies Tourists have to stop.

  • Restaurants, Cafés and other restaurants are only allowed to serve guests in the outdoor areas (curfew at midnight). No more than six people can sit at one table.

  • One applies both indoors (including buses, trains and taxis) and outdoors Mask requirement. Violations are punished with fines of up to 300 euros.

  • Tourist accommodation (Campsites, youth hostels and holiday apartments) and hotels are open. Self-service buffets are allowed again.

In individual regions, however, it can continue - depending on the infection process additional restrictions give.

Air, ferry and land: what you have to consider

Direct flights from and to Greece, also to the popular holiday islands, there are again in larger numbers.

Tourists traveling to Greece by land are only allowed to use one of the following border crossings enter:

  • Kulata-Promachonas (Bulgaria)

  • Svilengrad-Ormenio (Bulgaria)

  • Gevgelija-Evzoni (North Macedonia): only between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

By car to Greece: you have to know that

The Ferry traffic to and from Italy is basically going according to plan. According to the "GoFerry" booking office, ferry passengers must also do the above Entry form have filled in and show the corresponding QR code.

The ferry connections within Greece are also in operation. Masksmust always be carried on ferries - also on the open decks.

By ferry to Italy: What travelers should definitely know

Ferry travelers, from Greece Arriving in Italy have 36 hours to cross Italy and no additional corona test is necessary.

People coming off the ferry Croatia Entering Italy, however, must have one negative Covid-19 test which must not be older than 72 hours. Otherwise there is a risk of quarantine. According to information from the Italian authorities (Ufficio Emigrazione ed Affari Sociali) but this does not apply to transit by private transport. In this case, you must also travel through Italy within 36 hours respectively.

In addition, travelers in transit must generally complete a self-declaration * and present it in the event of any checks.

Destination Greece: information and tips

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