How many different Spiderman comics are there

How many Spider-Man comic series are there?


that is a very difficult question.

So many mini-series and other things have appeared
that you can almost no longer count them
comes out. At, do a search for
Spider-Man over 400 hits.

A very good start might be

and my non-plus-ultra:

For the chronology you actually have to have the
Take the order of US editions. Much appears
here in D more or less time-shifted.
Some then appear as individual issues, but some
also as an anthology or in series such as Marvel Exklusiv
or Marvel Monster Edition.

Time independent of Spider-Man (which I also quite ok
find): If you want to immerse yourself in Marvel I find
especially the Exclusive and the Monster series are quite good.

Marvel Exclusive comes out every 2 months and brings
between 4 and let's say 8 or earlier
10 comics in one issue that put together a story
are. And there are always some “milestones”. So
like Spider-Man. There are the volumes "First Years"
1-3 or so. Kraven’s last hunt and many more.
But you also have the opportunity many, many
others (Punisher, Fanta 4, Venom, Carnage, Daredevil
etc. etc. etc.). And at Marvel Monster
actually the same.

There are currently around 80 exclusive volumes and Marvel
Monster 34 pieces. Problem with this: there are a few volumes
real rarities and now quite expensive. Other
But you can also get it for 1-3 euros on Ebay or something. I
got all Marvel Exclusive and all Marvel Monsters and
don't want to miss them.

Otherwise I can still recommend the "Civil War"
to buy. That's about 40 comics across almost all of the series
away that tell a great story. Cost point
used about 200 euros with Marvel Monster 19-21 also
this is necessary and they are quite expensive because they are very rare.

If you are interested in the right beginnings, they would be
13 volumes "Marvel Classic" still a possibility. are
but also not very cheap to get as out of stock
and only appeared in hardcover.

By the way, if you like the "dark" thing about Spider-Man
then I definitely recommend Daredevil! And much too
little notice in my opinion Hulk and

Hope that's enough info for now. Is quite a lot.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch again.


I just got into the (damn) big one
Marvel Universe. My special focus is on


Spider-Man Comics. But now I have found

that it

there are a large number of different comic series.


knows that it all started with "The Spider" - but

after that

everything gets lost: there are the series "Spider-Man -


Spider "," The Amazing Spider-Man "," The


Spider-Man ", etc.
Can someone bring light into the dark and tell me


Comic series are all about Spider-man and how they are
appeared chronologically? That would be great!