Passed CISPA

Corona warning app

Your data is safe at all times. When you use the app, you remain anonymous at all times. When you log into the app, you do not need to provide any personal information such as your email address and name. The decentralized data storage on the devices themselves as well as the full pseudonymization guarantee the highest level of data protection. All data - for example on encounters with other people using the app - are encrypted and only saved on your own smartphone. Short-lived random codes of the people you have met are stored. In the event of an infection, data can be voluntarily uploaded to a server, which allows these random codes to be calculated for a certain period of time. With this data and the locally stored data, it is possible for the app or smartphone (but not the server) to recognize contact with a person who has tested positive for corona and to warn accordingly. Data that make a person identifiable, in particular position data, are not read out, used or saved.

One thing is certain: A person who tested positive for corona does not find out which people have been informed with whom an encounter has taken place. Contact persons do not receive any information about the person who tested corona-positive. Misuse of the notification of the infection status is prevented by technical and organizational measures.

Neither the federal government nor the Robert Koch Institute, nor other people who use the app, or the operators of the app stores can tell whether you are reporting an infection with Corona yourself or whether you have had contact with a person who tested positive for Corona.