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LMAB KØFI (KÖFI) Roach Shad Color: Sunrise | Length: 7cm


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Advantages: LMAB KØFI Roach

  • High action shad
  • German engineering
  • Excellent for perch and pikeperch
  • Creates a lot of pressure waves underwater
  • Great bait run
  • Available in three decors and three sizes
  • Delivery in shape-retaining packaging

Realistic bait design with great running behavior - the LMAB KØFI roach

Style is guaranteed not to be denied to the guys from "Leck mich am Persch" - just like their nose for Takleware, which one was just missing. The Roach Shad is part of the KØFI series, which is available in three decors and three sizes.
This bait development from Germany has a flat body with sweeping pectoral fins, which provide an additional attraction under water. The tail is particularly narrow with a steep plate tail, which has a high action even at low retrieval speed.

Three natural roach decors convince even skeptical robbers - with the roach KØFI from LMAB

Due to its physique, the LMAB KØFI Roach's barrel is very unique. The strongly vibrating action of the tail together with the pectoral fins combine to create an almost unresistible siren call for perch and zander.
Also due to the fact that the KØFI uses UV-active inks, it is extremely attractive.
The open mouth adds to the realism and picks up the jig head perfectly.
Recommended hook 7cm# 2 Jig
Recommended hook 11cm3/0 jig
Hook recommendation 14cm5/0 jig
Target fishPerch, pikeperch (pike)