What is the AutoFill function used for?

Use Chrome Autofill to make shopping and registration easier

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Text expansion is one solution for that, but Google Chrome has a powerful built-in tool that takes you to the trouble of entering the same information over and over again. Auto-fill allows you to create profiles of general information (such as email address, address, and phone number) that Chrome will automatically fill in for you.

Click on the menu with the three bars in the upper right corner of Chrome and select for an overview of the current settings in Autofill the settings. Scroll down and select Show Advanced Settings… and choose Manage AutoFill settings under Passwords and forms. Each entry here can be edited with a double click. If you have duplicates or incorrect information (maybe Chrome saved a typo) this is where you can troubleshoot issues.

However, you might want to be careful what information you store here. Guy discussed how quickly file autofill can be compromised. Why should you use browsers to browse and store information? Why shouldn't you use browsers to browse and store information? Read more. Therefore, you should not store your credit card information in it. If you're concerned about security, LastPass offers a similar autofill feature but encrypts it behind your master password so no one can sneak around your information.

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What do you use Autofill for? Have you tried LastPass for a more secure solution? Let us know what you think below!

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