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Depilatory cream for the intimate area: you should know that

How the depilatory cream works in the genital area

Depilatory creams only work in the genital area outside of the skin, so the hair grows back quite quickly because the hair roots remain untouched. It contains chemical substances that ensure that the hairs split up outside the skin. These can then be removed from the skin with water and a small spatula. It is important that the depilatory cream can work in the genital area long enough. The time span can always be found in the package insert. However, you must not exceed the maximum duration specified there, as this can lead to unpleasant skin irritations.

Hair removal in the bikini line: this is how the cream is applied

Before using a depilatory cream in the genital area, you should definitely do a tolerance test. You do this on a small area of ​​the skin. When actually using it, you should follow the instructions on the package exactly. Apply the depilatory cream for the intimate area only on the mons pubis. Sensitive mucous membranes are not suitable for depilation. After the application time, the depilatory cream is removed with the enclosed spatula. Afterwards, the skin should be rinsed well so that no residues of the depilatory cream remain in the genital area. After use, you should also care for the sensitive skin in the genital area with products without alcohol, as alcohol would further irritate the skin. Special shaving oils, baby powder, medicinal substances (such as antibacterial substances such as tea tree oil) or mild creams are the right choice here. Attention: If you notice during the application that your skin is burning, tingling or itching, you must stop it immediately! If symptoms persist, you should also consult a doctor.

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Which depilatory cream should you use for the genital area?

Most manufacturers now offer special depilatory creams for the genital area or "sensitive skin". These are usually less aggressive than the standard version of the depilatory cream and therefore well suited for the intimate area. It also helps if you have already had experience with depilatory cream in less sensitive areas, such as the legs. Therefore, you can usually use a brand that you can already tolerate for the genital area. However, if this brand also has a product for the genital area, you should still use this so that your skin is irritated as little as possible. In principle, it is important to keep the depilatory cream away from the mucous membranes and to rinse it off thoroughly after use. The chemical ingredients there could cause skin irritation and unbalance the natural pH value.

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Advantages and disadvantages of depilatory cream in the bikini line

The advantages of a depilatory cream in the genital area are (the tolerance is always assumed):
• a painless application
• no razor burn
• the uncomplicated application
• The hairs feel softer when they grow back

The disadvantages of a depilatory cream in the genital area are:
• Possibly poor tolerance
• the chemical odor, which is unpleasant for many users
• Hypersensitivity reactions

The greatest risk is allergic reactions. But if you can tolerate depilatory creams in the genital area, they are a relaxed method of depilation. It can happen that one cream is tolerated without any problems and another is not at all. If you want to use a depilatory cream, it can therefore make sense to try several creams or to have a doctor clarify whether you are over-sensitive to a certain ingredient. The decision for a depilatory cream is therefore primarily dependent on whether it is tolerated. Even with a slight intolerance, we strongly advise against using the depilatory cream in order to prevent more severe allergies.

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Use depilatory cream for the genital area also for the buttocks?

If you want to remove hair from your buttocks and pores in addition to the bikini line, you can also use a depilatory cream for the genital area. Since the skin is very sensitive here too, special care is required. So always make sure that you distribute the depilatory cream for the genital area evenly and that it does not come into contact with the anus. It is best to use a mirror so you can see exactly where to apply the depilatory cream. Carefully remove the depilatory cream, being careful not to leave any residue.

Alternatives to depilatory cream

Nowadays there are a variety of ways to effectively depilate your genital area. But the depilatory cream is still one of the most popular. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to a few alternatives here. Shaving is particularly useful for areas that are too sensitive to the depilatory cream, such as the labia. Waxing, sugaring and epilation are particularly effective methods, as the hair roots are also removed. This slows down the regrowth of hair in the genital area and the skin remains particularly hairless. However, these methods are also painful and therefore many women prefer another method of depilatory hair removal such as depilatory cream. Nonetheless, it's better to have this method done in a professional studio. In order to grow the genital area yourself, you have to be really tough. Of course, you can also have your hair lasered away in the long term. For this purpose, the genital area is first shaved and then the hair roots are put into a resting state by means of a laser. Therefore, the hair grows back much later.

Can women and men use the same type of depilatory cream?

The answer is no. Men have much thicker hair than women and therefore need a stronger depilatory cream. There are therefore special products on the market that are tailored to the needs of male skin and its hair. Especially the back, the legs or the stomach can be depilated with depilatory cream. This depilatory cream for the male genital area is number one among the bestsellers on Amazon.

How much do depilatory creams cost?

First of all, it should be said that depilatory creams are one of the cheap methods of hair removal. The prices of the creams vary between two and 40 euros, depending on the provider. Of course, there are also increasingly expensive creams. In drugstores, however, you can usually get depilatory creams for between three and 10 euros. Here you can get a well-rated cream for the intimate area.

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