When can menopause really end?

When my period stopped completely, it was a turning point in my life

I think it's a real crisis and you have to find yourself anew. The time is really like puberty. You have to relocate and reposition yourself. Much is questioned, not by others, but by oneself. Many things that were previously taken for granted have partially lost their naturalness. I don't know whether it is caused by a “midlife crisis”, by the menopause or by the family situation? I cannot clearly assign it.

I can't say whether I saw it consciously or as an opportunity. When I was around 50 years old, I became calmer and more relaxed. Uncertainties and certain processes had been dealt with. I also didn't realize beforehand that they could be an opportunity.

I can't give so many pointers to women because I haven't tried a lot of the things that are on the market. But I also know what has been good for one person doesn't have to have the same effect for the other. I advise every woman to do some research, a little more than I did, to find out what she gets along best with. I wouldn't necessarily rule it out either, if the effects are so strong and you can't treat them with natural remedies. I felt the positive effect of the plaster immediately after I put it on. I found this very relieving. I think this is what every woman has to find out for herself. Perhaps it is also better to find out more and deal with it more consciously than I did.