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Worldwide, German courses are currently only held online. It is the same in Malaysia, where Ihsan Ghiandy, who you have read articles about here in the blog, teaches German. In this post, both Ihsan and his students Bin, Fatin and Ameer tell you about their experiences.

Online German courses - experiences and opinions

Online courses are on everyone's lips these days. Due to the curfew in Malaysia, traditional classes can no longer take place and therefore online courses have to be switched to. I actually think it's a good thing in education as it is a way of gaining new skills. That's why I also give my German course online.

Today we talked about the subject of “online courses” in class and the participants wrote down their opinions on the subject. I would like to share the opinions and experiences of my course participants about online German courses with you. I hope you can benefit from it.

Am, 19 years

Nowadays, learners attend online courses, especially during curfew. Personally, I don't like online courses because of the possible distractions, such as games on the internet, and the often poor internet connection. I cannot concentrate properly during the class and I think it is not suitable for me. But I also think it's a good thing because I don't have to go outside during the curfew. That's why online courses play a big role in my learning. It would also be dangerous for my health if I went to school now because the students would sit together in class. That is why it is better to take an online course. This has the advantage that teachers and students do not have to go to school. But the problem is that the teachers cannot constantly control what the learners are doing during the lesson. I am convinced that online courses are really good, as long as the teachers can properly address the students.

Fatin, 19 years

Because of the quarantine, a lot of people in my home country have to take online courses because it would be more dangerous to go outside. An online course plays a big role during curfew because you can study without having to go outside. Personally, I prefer the online course to the traditional class because I don't have to use public transport to get to class. Now I don't have to spend a lot of money on public transport, so I can save my money. But my point of view is that it is harder to understand in the online course because it is difficult to concentrate. One of the reasons is that when you have poor internet connection it can be difficult to take classes online. Therefore, the government should provide free and stable internet connection for everyone so that everyone can participate.

Ameer, 20 years

My name is Ameer and I come from Malaysia. Now I'm 20 years old and I'm still learning. As we know, the virus has spread around the world and a lot of people are struggling with it. Schools also had to be closed because of the risk of infection. That disrupted the course of the lesson. A week later, the government found a solution to this problem. Today we are learning in an online course. The media advises that teachers should use the online course to create active teaching. For me personally, the online course is good, but you run into some issues at times, including poor internet connections and slow devices. An online course has the advantage that students can study together and exchange ideas over the Internet. The problem is the poor internet connection during class. That is the challenge we have to face. In my opinion, part of an online course is to guarantee a good internet connection. In addition, learners should avoid distractions while studying and concentrate only on the lesson.

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