How much does a kitten cost

Cat in the apartment or outdoors?

Buy a cat

With this page I would like to show you what to look out for when you are thinking about buying a cat or, for example, bringing it out of the animal shelter.

As cute as cats are, there are a few things to consider. Especially when it comes to keeping the cat and the ongoing and irregular costs of a cat.

The first question to ask yourself: where will your cat live?

Indoor cats

If you want to keep the cat in the apartment, it is important that the apartment is big enough and that you have enough scratching furniture available. You should also never (!) Keep a kitten alone in the apartment. I'll explain why this is so in a moment. Most adult cats are not loners either. If your cat is allowed on the balcony, secure it so that it cannot fall off. Even if it "always" goes well when she walks on the railing, maybe the 1000th time it is not going well because she is frightened for some reason.

Outdoor cats

If you want an outdoor cat, you should live where there is as little traffic as possible. Other wild animals such as foxes should also not live in a nearby forest. A cat should of course be allowed out, but ideally it has as large a garden as possible which is fenced off. This allows your cat to act out all of its instincts and is safe from traffic and their physically superior wild animals.


As mentioned earlier, if you choose to have kittens, it is extremely important that you never buy just one kitten. No matter how much you care, you will never be able to replace a second kitten.

You can play with the kitten, but never in the way that an equal playmate will do. Or do you also climb up and down the scratching post? Accordingly, a kitten that is kept alone is very unhappy and becomes behavioral over time. Mentally ill, so to speak.

It is therefore a torture for the cat to live without any conspecifics. So don't do that to her and give at least two cats a nice home with you!

The age of the kittens

Another important point is the age of the kittens. Ideally, kittens should not be separated from the mother cat before the 13th week, as they learn a lot of social behavior from the mother, especially during this time. If you want to buy a cat from a breeder and he offers you kittens that are only a few weeks old, then the breeder is dubious and does not act in the interests of the animals but in the interests of his profit. Every week he raises a kitten costs him time and money. Every vaccination and deworming that cats have to get as a precaution in the first few weeks to stay healthy in the long term costs money.

If a breeder does without it and gives the kittens away early, then this is a very bad sign. Often the poor cats also get sick because they lack vaccinations, which then incurs enormous additional costs, which the breeder then of course doesn't want to know about. You should generally avoid a breeder who makes you such an offer. Because by buying kittens from a dubious breeder, you ensure that their business is worthwhile and that they continue to "produce" cats that are not doing well. As I said, the cats are not doing well and you may pay a lot of money in the long run. Only the dubious, unscrupulous breeder enjoys it because he makes a lot of profit.

A lovingly raised, well-groomed and vaccinated cat that is only separated from the mother cat at the age of 13 weeks costs at least a few hundred to, depending on the cat breed, several thousand euros. Because even the breeder, who feeds high-quality cat food and carries out the vaccinations, deworming and controls, has a lot of costs until the kitten is 13 weeks old.

Also, no serious breeder gives a kitten alone, unless you assure him that you have more kittens, which he may want to convince himself of.

Another point is animal shelters and animal help. Kittens that are brought here sometimes no longer have a mother cat at all and are then given up earlier, as the animal shelters and cat aids often also need space for new animals and are happy when someone takes care of the orphans.

Adult cats

If you choose to have a full-grown cat, it really is very commendable. Because it is often difficult to find adult animals in animal shelters because they are no longer as cute as small babies. With an adult cat, there is also the possibility that it no longer wants to live with a second cat and that you can keep it alone. While this does happen, it is not the rule and usually only occurs in old cats. But adult cats can also be as cuddly as small kittens. And be almost as cute as the picture here shows.

Another big advantage of adult cats is that the veterinary costs are lower, as small kittens still have to be vaccinated and dewormed quite often.

Buy cat accessories

Before buying a cat, you will of course need at least one litter box with litter and a shovel, at least one large scratching post, lying areas, bowls and a few cans of food, cat toys such as stuffed mice and rustling tunnels, cat care products such as brushes and a few small things. You should definitely plan 200 euros for this. It should be said that you buy really cheap things here and that, for example, the sisal rope of a cheap scratching post hangs up after a year, which means additional costs (buy new, better rope and repair the scratching post). You can spend well over 200 euros on a high-quality scratching post alone. Therefore, consider this 200 euros really as a lower limit. At least that's how much money you will have to spend on cat accessories!

Secure the apartment outside

But that was not all: Depending on the nature of the apartment, additional purchases may be necessary for the safety of your cat before you let them move in with you. If the cat is allowed on the balcony, then you have to secure it. Roughly estimated, a meter that you have to secure will cost you at least 15 euros. If you don't let your cats out on the balcony right from the start, these costs will of course not be covered directly in front of the cat, but they cannot be avoided. Even if you tilt the window, you should secure it so that a cat does not get stuck in the window and suffocate in agony when trying to climb outside. You can also expect 15 euros per window. If the windows are completely open so that the cat can theoretically get out, you should secure it with a cat net. If you live on the ground floor, your cat can leave the apartment. If you live further up, she can fall and even injure herself and would then be outside as well. Even if your cat always sits well on the windowsill, it is unpredictable when it can reach prey. A bird sitting nearby can trigger a lot here and cause your cat to fall, although it did not want to but could not switch off its hunting instinct. It is therefore important to secure the window. For a cat net on the window, depending on the size of the window, around 20 euros can be considered. A little more with large windows.

Secure the apartment inside

Inside, too, your apartment must be cat-safe before the cats move in. Cats like to use cables. This is due to chemical softening substances in the cables, which cats unfortunately taste good and, last but not least, are unhealthy. The thinner the cables, the more cats chew on them. Headphone cables, for example. Very thin, very flexible, contains a lot of plasticizers. Such cables should no longer be lying around openly, as they and therefore the headphones break very quickly. But such cables are still quite harmless. Above all, cables with electricity are dangerous. If your cat bites in there and catches the wrong cable (there are three cables inside, one of which should be harmless) then your cat will get an electric shock that is as strong as reaching into a socket.

It is really uncomfortable for us humans (whoever has had the experience knows about it) and for such a small animal it is most likely fatal! Please remember: The cables from socket strips that are switched off are just as dangerous, as the socket cables are extended to the bar. There is power on even when the power strip is switched off! Only the cables of the connected devices are de-energized when the socket strip is switched off. Apart from that, the devices or at least the power cable are then of course broken. So, you should keep these cables safe and secure so that your cat can't get there. To protect the devices and above all to protect your cats! This can be done either along the wall with a duct or with an additional flexible pipe around the actual cables. The costs for this are again very much dependent on the structure of the apartment. So calculate in the cheapest option with 30 euros.

You may have plants in your home. Some plants are poisonous to cats. This means that you should either throw away the plants / give them away or place them in places that are definitely inaccessible to your cats. For example, in a room that your cats cannot enter under any circumstances. However, if you still want some green at that point, the costs for new plants will be added. But these costs do not necessarily have to be made before purchasing the cat, if you can live with the fact that there are no more plants there.

So before a cat can move in with you, you can invest at least 300 euros. 200 euros for cat accessories and 100 euros to secure the apartment. Correspondingly more for a large balcony.

Since these costs are extremely different and expensive pedigree cats can only be bought by someone with enough money anyway, I will leave this point uncommented at this point. But if you don't have a lot of money available, then of course you can go to the animal shelter or animal welfare, for example. Here you can also get cats that deserve a nice home. As a rule, you also pay a small amount here. This is not intended for enrichment. The animal shelters and animal helpers have enough expenses. Rather, this amount is a nominal fee. This means that not everyone can simply take cats with them for free. Otherwise a snake owner could go and get food for his lofts so cheaply. We don't even want to think about that!

And with such a nominal fee, a baby cat would be quite expensive snake food. Such machinations are thus prevented. And last but not least, animal shelters and animal welfare always need money for the maintenance of the animal shelter itself, as well as for the purchase of feed and so on.

Calculate a one-time fee of around 120 euros per cat. For pedigree cats from reputable breeders, at least 500 euros.

Every cat you have primarily needs cat food and litter. Since you shouldn't feed cheaply when it comes to nutrition, because it makes your cat sick, I will only list the costs for an at least halfway sensible diet. A cat that got sick from poor quality cat food will only cause you worry and much higher costs than good cat food. A cat eats around 200g of good cat food, i.e. a small can, per day. With cheap feed, this amount is not enough, just incidentally. If you buy 400g cans because they are cheaper, then cat food that is satisfactorily good will cost you around 30ct per 100g. But that's really pretty much the lower limit.

If you feed cheaper food, you should definitely feed something better in between. Find out more about high quality cat food on this page and do not buy brands that are just more expensive because they do a lot of advertising that costs a lot of money. In any case, the cheapest variant of the cat food for a cat will cost you around 0.60 euros. Per day. That makes 18 euros per cat for food per month. Then every now and then a treat and we end up at 20 euros per cat per month.

Then there is also cat litter. Roughly estimated, you can get here with 10 euros per month per cat. Here, too, there are expensive and inexpensive variants, but 10 euros a month is actually realistic for litter.

In the best case scenario, the monthly costs per cat are 30 euros.

Your cat needs vaccinations every now and then, especially when they are very young. For example against worms or cat disease. Calculate 25 euros per vaccination per cat. The neutering of the cat or the male is about 3-9 months old. You should get them tattooed and / or chipped right away. This should be around 100 euros once per animal.

Every few years, for example, it is necessary to clean the teeth. All additional costs that are very different. You can count on € 120 every few years.

So you have to make 300 euros for the precautions. Then about 120 euros per cat from animal welfare! Pedigree cats from responsible breeders are many times more expensive! A few months later for the neutering per cat 100 euros if you have bought a small cat. 30 euros per month for food and cat litter. Then you still need a cushion for the vaccinations.

If you now say that money is generally tight, but you have the money for the cats just like this: What if a cat gets sick? Is stung by a bee (can also happen in the apartment) and everything swells up? What if she falls from the scratching post and limps? Or seriously ill for whatever reason? Do you still have a financial cushion for such vet visits for the benefit of your cats?

If you are young and have to persuade your parents, it is important to make them aware of these costs, not that they want to give up the cat. Because your parents, who want to please you and buy two kittens because of it, may not be aware of all the costs. You are now and your best bet would be to show them this side of here. This also shows your parents that you mean business and that you are getting detailed information about it!

Loneliness is cruelty to animals

Even if you spend four hours caring for your cat every day, he or she will be busy with itself for 20 hours a day. That's 600 hours of solitude per month! Then you may be at work eight or more hours a day. Meanwhile nothing is going on in the apartment. People also sleep for about eight hours. What should a cat do alone all the time? A cat is a companion animal, so you should always have at least two indoor cats. There are exceptions for older cats who prefer to be alone and this is not so bad for outdoor cats either. But keeping an indoor cat alone is cruelty to animals. What part can the person in the picture on the right play? Sit in the cave or lie on top? Will be difficult.

Why is that? Just as a person will become behavioral if he can never come into contact with other people, so will a cat. Then, in desperation, things are broken so that it gets more attention. Uncleanliness is also a common consequence. And a cat does not only show behavioral problems when it becomes unclean. It is often argued that a cat is fine after all and behaves normally. But how does the owner of a solitary cat know that it is really well? If he realizes this, then the cat's psychological problems are very advanced. A cat doesn't get dirty just because it doesn't like solitary confinement, which has lasted for two days. Still, she is very unhappy.

Even if a cat is looked after by people all day, this never replaces a second playmate. Or which person climbs up the scratching post with the cat and fights with it? I do not know anyone. Young cats and kittens in particular also learn a lot through social behavior with another cat.

Cats make a huge contribution to our wellbeing. We should give the same back to them. And the first and most important step is: a cat buddy.

This is less of a problem with outdoor cats, as they also have contact with other cats in nature and have a lot of occupation due to the hunt and everything that happens outside.