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April 8th - Parents letter PTS Kapfenberg



Dear parents and legal guardians, dear students!



I hope you and your families are healthy. The current situation is not easy for all of us, so we try to make the best of it together and master the challenges as best we can.


When will our school start operating again?
Neither we nor the responsible politicians can answer this question, as nobody can foresee the development of the corona pandemic.

Education Minister Heinz Faßmann does not yet want to decide when the schools and universities can start operating again. At the moment it is planned to open the schools and start regular lessons in mid-May. But as I said, …

So we, teachers and students alike, will have to plan week after week after the Easter break.

The implementation of “distance learning” for our students has already been organized and started. Corresponding information, work assignments and deadlines are announced by the responsible teachers via the “Microsoft Teams” platform. If you do not meet the requirements for this form of teaching, we ask you to contact the class board. It must be clear to everyone that the given work assignments must be carried out by all students and that the deadlines must also be adhered to. Your children can get information about this from your class leaders!

As usual, you will find additional information on our homepage. So please check the PTS Kapfenberg homepage regularly!


I would like to express great praise to all the students who really diligently do their work at home. Still, it's important that you stick with it. We will come to your grades from the work assignments you have made and submitted!
I.e. we cannot assess work orders that have not been submitted! Please pass this fact on to your classmates!


If you have any questions or problems or need our support, you can contact us at any time via the email addresses of the responsible subject teachers.
You can find the e-mail addresses on our homepage! We try to support and help you from afar as best we can.

I wish you a happy Easter for your entire family and stay healthy
the teacher team and


Manfred Ofner, headmaster of the PTS Kapfenberg