When did Freddie Mercury die

Freddie Mercury made a momentous decision two weeks before his death

It has been almost 30 years since the world had to say goodbye to one of the most charismatic singers the music business has produced to date: Freddie Mercury, singer of the British group Queen, dies of the consequences of his HIV infection. Now an old confidante reveals that Freddie Mercury made a momentous decision shortly before his death.

At that time, Peter Freestone was working as Freddie Mercury's assistant and witnessed firsthand how the singer was losing his body more and more due to his AIDS illness. It is also he who now reveals in an interview how the singer regained control of his life shortly before his death, but also has to pay a high price for it.

One of his last decisions

On November 24, 1991, Freddie Mercury lost the battle against his illness. For many fans the shock must have been great: The Another one bites the dust-Interpreter keeps his bad health a secret for a long time. Only close confidants know what really is going on with Freddie Mercury.

During his last video shoot, it was clear to both in and around him that the singer did not have much longer to live. That seems to be the moment when he makes a decision that will have dire consequences for him.

Peter Freestone reports at Lorrainethat the rock star then decided to stop taking medication:

He knew exactly what was going to happen. Two weeks before his death, he decided to stop the medication that kept him alive. At least that made him feel like he was in control of his life again, even though he knew the disease would kill him.

The love for music is great

Freddie is a musician through and through. It must have been difficult for him back then to no longer be able to stand on stage. His former bandmate Brian May says about him:

He was silent at the time because he knew that otherwise his life would turn into a circus and that he would have been prevented from doing what he really wanted: music. What he wanted was to make music until the end.

So the continued use of his medication would have tormented him more than anything else. One thing is clear: someone like him is simply missing and we are happy to still be able to listen to his voice from time to time despite his untimely death.