Can a blog be an anonymous diary?

The worry diary is your anonymous contact point on the Internet!

What is the worry diary?

The Sorge-Tagebuch e.V. operates this website, on which we would like to give those seeking help the opportunity to share their worries, fears and problems with their online diary. This is done completely anonymously and there is no risk that the texts could be read by friends or family. Unlike the conventional diary, however, our worry diary will try to address the problems and answer the entries.

Who is behind the worry diary?

The Sorge-Tagebuch e.V. is supported by a team of volunteer helpers, who work hard and individually on the entries of the users. Together we try to address the problems of those seeking help and to provide assistance. Our writers deal with every problem and try to help whenever possible. If necessary, we have professional advisors by our side.

How does the worry diary help?

The central idea of ​​the worry diary is that it helps many people to talk about their problems, but they often do not dare to do so in front of friends or relatives. Even reaching for the phone is usually associated with overcoming. What could be more natural than to entrust his worries to his diary? We promise 100% anonymity and try to have an open ear for the problems of our users in the form of the interactive online diary and - unlike in the conventional diary - to show users that their diary is interested in their problems and is there for them is.

We need your help!

Even if our helpers participate in the project completely free of charge, we need funds for the operation of this site, training, specialist advice, software development and our administration. For this we need support from volunteers who would like to support our project financially or with their help.

There are really numerous ways to support our project and we have summarized some of them on our website. Small and large donations help us as well as the numerous possibilities that get by without any financial expenses. We would be happy if you could help us to continue operating this platform free of charge and free of advertising.

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