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French maiden names

Are you pregnant and expecting a cute little daughter? Congratulations! Then all you have to do now is find the right first name for your baby. There are many beautiful girls' names. Too many? Then our first name generator will surely be a useful help for you to find THE perfect name for your daughter.
The current retro trend towards old German and legendary Celtic names is not to your taste? And the trendy Nordic first names sound too bitter for you? Then you might like French girl names!
The French language is wonderfully melodious and sonorous. In addition, France - and the French women - have always been the epitome of elegance and sophistication. So it's no wonder that French girls' names are very popular with us too. But what are typically French maiden names?

French maiden names of different origins

If you look at France, you can quickly see that the topic of multiculturalism plays a major role there. The reason for this is not least the colonial past of France. The cultural influences from former colonies (especially North Africa and Maghreb) are also reflected in the language and the naming.
And so, in addition to classic French maiden names such as Chloé, Manon or Clémence, numerous first names of Arabic or African origin are very common in France: from Amina, Bouchra and Hajar to Kenza, Rachida or Semira.

In our baby name generator you will find typically French names for girls as well as girls' names of Arabic or African origin. However, the latter can be found in the lists of names corresponding to their country of origin (for example: Arabic maiden names) and not in the French lists of names. But don't worry: there is certainly no shortage of beautiful, classic French girls' names!

Popular French girl names

For a long time, longer girls' names such as Madeleine, Capucine or Emmanuelle were particularly popular. Double names that sound wonderfully soft, such as Anne-Sophie, Marie-Louise or Lou-Anne, have long been at the top of the first name hit lists.
At the moment, however, the trend is clearly towards short first names: Emma, ​​Lea, Chloé, Zoé and Jade are among the most popular French girl names. Are you too familiar with these names? If you're looking for a rare - but classic - French girl name, you might like Anaëlle, Maissa or Lilou. Or how about Océane, Fleur, Faustine or Méline?

Our tip:
When choosing a French first name, think about whether you want to use an accented or unaccented name. Carrying a name with an accent (which does not exist in German) can have some practical disadvantages. On the other hand, a French accent naturally also gives the name its individual charm.

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