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It wouldn't be exactly wrong to have Michael Nau's first solo record as a B-side collection for his band Cotton Jones to call. At best, the expectations of the listeners, which the term B-side collection implies, would be wrong. Because the song ideas, demos and sketches that Michael Nau dug out of his drawers for “Mowing” are better than a best-of compilation of your favorite indie folk band.

Page France was the first station on Nau's musical career. Originally planned as a solo project, it quickly grew into a band with permanent members, which was able to establish itself as an insider tip in Maryland's quirky indie pop scene. In the same year as Page France broke up in 2008, Nau founded his second band project Cotton Jones. There he met his current wife, who was not only involved in the production of “Mowing”, she also provides the dreamy keyboard sounds in songs like “Smooth Aisles” and “So So Long” and delivers the feminine with her clear voice Counterpart to Nau's breathy singing.

It is difficult to understand why the song ideas from which “Mowing” originated initially gathered dust in the drawer. Fortunately, Michael Nau has now pulled out his old sketches again. By the way, he says he has many more of them lying around, just waiting to be completed. So you can already look forward to the next Michael Nau album.

by Joshua Wick

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Michael Nau - Love Survive from Parallel Teeth on Vimeo.

Published on November 28, 2016