How can you repair a ceiling tile?

Repair a hole in the ceiling

Repair or seal small and large holes

Smaller holes such as drill holes can be closed relatively easily by filling them with filler. You can use simple plaster of paris for this, which is very suitable for closing smaller holes and with which a smooth surface can be created. However, if the holes are larger, the effort may be somewhat greater to properly seal the openings and get a perfect surface again. Either you have to use a coarser mass to seal the holes or even seal the opening with a repair tissue or a replacement piece. Which method is used essentially depends on the material of the ceiling.

How you can easily repair larger holes

You have various options for repairing or closing larger wall or ceiling openings in a suitable manner. These can be openings in the ceiling caused by repairs, for example, or openings caused by removed built-in lamps or similar things. Here are some of the options:

  • use a repair fabric
  • seal the opening with construction foam
  • Close plasterboard or other surfaces

The individual repair options for holes

With a repair fabric, even slightly larger holes can be closed without any problems, for example in plasterboard walls or ceilings clad with plasterboard. It is important that you use the repair materials exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. In this way you can seal holes with a diameter of about 8 to 10 centimeters. You can close even larger holes if, for example, you cut out a suitable piece of plasterboard for the respective opening and use it as a repair piece for the hole.

Use spare pieces as patches

You just need to find a way to attach the replacement piece to the ceiling. It is also possible to use special filling materials with which larger openings in a ceiling can be filled and thus closed. Quick repair mortars, for example, are suitable for concrete ceilings, with which larger openings or damage can be filled without any problems.

Mark Heise
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