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Edward Newgate is the captain of the Shirohige pirate gang and widely known as Shirohige (jap. 白 ひ sh, shirohige; transl. "Weißbart") - in the German version Whitebeard called[1] - known. He is considered one of Gold Roger's greatest rivals and the only person who could measure himself against him. After Roger's death, Newgate was for several years one of the four pirate captains, who were known as Yonkō and who had the greatest power during the great pirate age and held large protected areas in the Shin Sekai.

Newgate dies at the age of 72 in front of the Navy Headquarters on Marineford towards the end of the battle taking place there to free his commander Ace.

Newgate's story


Newgate comes from an island in the Shin Sekai. The country there was characterized by poverty and did not belong to the world government because it was unable to make the necessary financial contribution to the world government. Like many other countries that did not belong to the world government, the country is developing into a lawless place that is a paradise for pirates and kidnappers to let off steam.[2]

Life as a pirate

Newgate eventually goes to sea and becomes a pirate himself. He founds a city on his home island, which he secretly sent money to build.[3] His travels are not about collecting wealth, but about having a family.[4]

In Gold Roger's time

Shirohige is considered the greatest adversary of Gold Roger, with whom he fought many fights, including as a buggy and Shanks were a member of Gold Rogers' team. The two are well in the memory of the pirate, who was considered the strongest man in the world after Gold Roger's death, even after 22 years.[5][6]

After Gold Roger's death



Information about the TV series

As the Great Age of the Pirates began, the world was thrown into chaos, including the Fishman Island, which the pirates used as the access point between the two halves of the Grandline, and which the Navy was now pursuing. Many of the fish people and mermaids living on the island have been kidnapped and sold as slaves, for example. It all ended when Shirohige declared Fishman Island his sanctuary. Since Gold Roger's death there have been a multitude of islands under his protection.[7]

Shirohige and Ace

Shirohige eventually reads about a young rookie named Ace, who has been invited by the world government to become a Shichibukai. When he fights with Jinbe for five days to finally get to Shirohige, the Yonkō shows up with his gang, in which Marco, Vista and Thatch are already members. When Ace attacks him, Shirohige fends off the already weakened Ace, but is thrilled when the rookie can get up again. He offers him to become one of his sons.[8]

When Ace decides to finally join Shirohige's gang after the defeat after a few assassinations on the head of the gang, the rookie tells him after his appointment as commander of the second division, where Kurohige gave him precedence, that he is Gold Roger's biological son. But that doesn't matter to Newgate, since he sees Ace as a child of the sea. However, he realizes that Ace's character is completely different from that of his father.[8]

As Sengoku later found out at the beginning of Ace's execution ceremony, Shirohige already made the decision to make Ace the new pirate king as Roger's son.[9]

Kurohige betrayal

When Kurohige murders his comrade Thatch in order to get to the Yami Yami no Mi and their devil power, Ace is furious and decides against the wishes of his "father" to pursue the traitor and bring him down.[8]

While Luffy and his gang rage in Water 7 and Enie's lobby, Shanks and Shirohige finally meet in Shin Sekai. At this meeting, which is of extreme concern to the world government and should be stopped by the Navy, Shanks asks his host to order Ace to stop the search for Kurohige, apparently without knowing that Ace was traveling on his own.[6]

Even if this now starts a fight between the two, it is already too late: Two days before Luffy comes to Enie's lobby, Ace meets Kurohige ...[10][11]

Attack on Marineford

After Ace was defeated by Kurohige and handed over to the Navy to gain the position of Shichibukai, Ace's execution was announced within a very short time.[11][12][13] While Luffy tries to free his brother in Impel Down, Shirohige pulls his troops and allies together to show up with them a few hours before the scheduled execution at Marineford after Sengoku Ace's parentage was publicly disclosed.[14][15] The attack begins when Shirohige uses his devil powers of the Gura Gura no Mi, with which he triggers two tsunamis, which are stopped by Aokiji with the powers of the Hie Hie no Mi.[8][16]

His skills and strengths

Both Buggy and Shanks can tell that he and Gold Roger have always been equal in their countless encounters.[5][17]

He unleashes his enormous powers when, furiously, he attacks Shanks, who asks him to pull Ace away from the hunt for Kurohige.[6]

Shirohige ate from the Gura Gura no Mi. He can thus create cracks in the air, which then shiver enemies and objects. Through this force, he creates two seaquakes, which caused two tsunamis in front of the naval headquarters, but Aokiji freezes them.[8][16]

Background information

  • Shirohiges real name comes partly from the real Edward Teach, from whom he gets his first name. In addition to him and Marshall D. Teach, there is a third pirate who bears the name of the real Blackbeard: Thatch.[18][19]
  • In the SBS of Chapter 555, which was republished in Volume 57, Eiichiro Oda accepts April 6th as Newgate's birthday at the request of a reader.[20]

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