Is it good to sweat

For many people, sweat is an all-round negative term that is associated with a bad smell and unpleasant stains in the armpit. Sweat is really not a bad thing - on the contrary! For the following reasons, you probably also see sweating after strenuous exercise and on hot summer days as a positive side effect.

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For these reasons, sweating is so healthy

1. Sweating is conditioning for the skin

Of course, sweating primarily serves as the body's own air conditioning system. That means: Even if we exhaust ourselves physically, our body temperature remains constant. If we didn't sweat, our bodies would overheat in no time.

2. Sweating makes you beautiful

Yes, you read that right. If we sweat, toxins and sebum are transported through the pores to the surface of the skin, which makes our skin look radiant. The complexion benefits from the stimulated blood circulation: impurities and tension are a thing of the past thanks to regular sweating.

3. Sweating helps with colds

If we have a cold, we usually interpret it as a good sign when we start to sweat. The sweat moisturizes the mucous membranes and accelerates the healing process. But be careful with a fever: temperatures that are too high also weaken the body.

4. Sweating is good for the body

Sweating works like a detox cure in which harmful substances are transported out of the body. Whether free radicals or toxins - when you sweat, everything that can harm the body is excreted.

5. Sweating makes you happy

That too may sound strange at first - but it's true! Because during activities that make us sweat, a lot of endorphins are released. And as is well known, they make you happy. By the way: A study has even shown that the smell of sweat also makes other people happy. When you sweat, certain chemical substances are excreted, which should also have a positive effect on the environment. But only as long as it is fresh!

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