What was in your golden parachute

Translation of "golden parachute" in German

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I have served my country for decades of unparalleled prosperity and you are my golden parachute.
I have served my country unparalleled in decades of prosperity, and you are mine golden parachute.
indemnities, cash, golden parachute big money, OK!
When you were linked to the Cabal, you reached out to Halmi - put your golden parachute in a secret account only he could access.
When you were put in touch with the Cabal, you reported to Halmi and you have yours golden parachute packed into a hidden account that only he had access to.
I'm sorry about this, but why not take the golden parachute?
I think that's your golden parachute, and I admire that.
If that happens again to anybody, you're going to jump to your conclusion without your golden parachute.
Having received a secret golden parachute, this was unveiled in 1992 by journalist Arne O. Holm.
This being so, Commissioner, we wish you good luck in your new office after June 2004, and I admit that I await with a little thrill of greedy curiosity to see where your golden parachute lands.
In any case, Commissioner, we wish you the best of luck in your new post after June 2004, and I must confess that, with a somewhat eager curiosity, I am curious about where your landing point is gilded parachute will lie.
Companies are selected and weighted by the following KPIs: CDP emission / energy reduction target, percentage of women on the board, percentage of independent directors, policy against child labor, and golden parachute agreement.
The companies are selected and weighted according to the following KPIs: CDP emissions or targets for reducing energy consumption, percentage of women on the board, percentage of independent directors, guidelines against child labor and "Golden parachute"-Agreement.
Pay excess golden parachute payments (Box 13)
It's some retired millionaire living off his golden parachute.
It must be added that the existing golden parachute Contracts will not be amended, restriction applies only to the new ones in order to encourage participation in the program.
Part of the picture is that the existing ones Golden handshake contracts will not be changed - the restrictions only apply to new agreements so that more people can participate in the program.
Restriction means that in case the Treasury purchases on auction, surtax is imposed on the golden parachute, unless the ruined bank director is sent to retirement.
The cut essentially means that if the ministry buys through an auction, it does so "Golden Handshake" is taxed unless the retired bank chief is deported to the pension.
The directors of the troubled banks waiting for state aid should count on that their severance - which is simply called golden parachute in the overseas slang - will be restricted by the government.
The heads of the troubled banks, which are now dependent on state aid, can, however, expect their clearances, which in overseas slang to be sloppy Called "Golden Handshake" will be cut by the government.
You think I'd accept some golden parachute and drop back into my hole?
Do you think I'll take the money and forgive me?
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