How do I kiss my shy girlfriend

Conquering a shy woman: How to understand her signals and lure her out of reserve

It's not just us men who are afraid of flirting, many girls also exercise genteel restraint. The burning question in this behavior: Is she not interested in you or is she just a little insecure? In this blog article I will explain how you can properly understand her signals and how to conquer a shy woman. Learn to gently lure them out of the reserve!

How I Learned to Conquer a Shy Girl

It is clear that women do not immediately fall around our necks when we speak to them and get to know each other. After all, the female sex is naturally a little more reserved. But there are a few creatures out there that are really hard to find. At least that's what happened to me when I tried to conquer a shy girl who could hardly be lured out of her reserve.

To be honest: I almost surrendered to this girl, because igniting the fire of love in her was a real test of patience. When I spoke to her on the street, she didn't want to give me her hand in greeting or say her name. I didn't get her phone number at first either. She answered questions in monosyllables.

But I stayed on the ball because I just liked her.

On the date it went on like this: She wouldn't let me touch or kiss her, let alone sex ... It drove me crazy and made me brood.

And you know what? Still, I was able to conquer this shy woman and make it my friend! How? With tenacity, but also a lot of patience, empathy and trust. I will now explain to you how exactly you should behave in these difficult cases.

Extreme Shyness: Why Do Some Women Behave That Way?

There can be a number of reasons why girls are fearful, introverted, and passive - just like men. Perhaps she has had a bad experience with her ex-boyfriend and is therefore cautious when she meets men for a potential new relationship. However, some people are just a little more reserved by nature and need a certain amount of time to be able to trust.

But it can also be due to the upbringing that the woman is shy. Perhaps she comes from a strict family or was told by her mother that you have to be careful of “the men” as a matter of principle. Cultural backgrounds can also play a role. For example, my girlfriend at the time was brought up very religiously Muslim and had learned to keep distance from the opposite sex first.

Shy Women: Understanding Signals Correctly

Is she shy or is she not interested?

That is the question that burns under the nails of many men. No wonder: it just unsettles us boys when the woman is reserved and hardly anything comes back from her. But how do you know if it's just shyness or if she really doesn't want anything from you?

Indeed, it is easy to confuse the two and accordingly do a lot wrong. The key to successfully flirting with these shy ladies is reading their body language.

Decipher your flirtation signals / body language

Don't let it irritate you if she is passive / shows little initiative, gives monosyllabic answers or blocks an attempt to kiss. That doesn't have to mean a basket for a long time - as I know from my own experience. Even shy answers like "We can stay friends"Or"I don't talk to strangers“, „I don't do that with strange men“Don't have to mean anything at first.

Something completely different is decisive: your body language when flirting and whether she is nervous. Pay attention when you talk to each other! I've written a few articles about how women show their interest and how you can identify flirtation signals.

  • Does she smile at you when she talks to you?
  • Is she looking deep into your eyes?
  • Is she looking for physical proximity to you, or does she even touch you in conversation?
  • Does she cross her legs (when speaking)?
  • Does she get red in the face and look away ashamed?
  • Does she show nervousness by fiddling with her jewelry, handbag or objects (e.g. the napkin in the restaurant)?
  • And also: does she agree to a date and is she open to meeting?
  • And much more …

Shy women usually send so-called "mixed signals". That said, her body language is positive, even if she gives negative responses. Since our body usually communicates unconsciously, the girl's gestures and facial expressions are much more reliable indicators of interest than the spoken word. This is often just hot air, believe me!

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Shy or not interested? Pay attention to signals and behave correctly!

It is important to understand whether your body language with gestures and facial expressions is positive towards you or expresses disapproval. Because if you keep trying to conquer her, even though she is not interested, you are wasting your time.

The other way around, you miss a chance at love if you let yourself be unsettled by her reluctance and give up, even though she actually likes you.

Therefore, pay close attention to their flirtation signals when dating. As long as they show an open attitude and affection towards you, everything is fine. Then you should stay on the ball. But if she shows a strong lack of interest from the ground up, it is better to pull up the tents instead of chasing after a girl for days or weeks when all the effort is in vain.

7 tips on how to conquer a shy woman

First of all: If she is really shy, you need a lot of time, empathy and patience - more than when conquering "usual" women, i.e. when you are dealing with self-confident women. Flirting with passive ladies requires staying power, as the saying goes. So that you don't run out of breath, I have put together a few tips for you.

1. Be persistent, but still sensitive!

The most important rule: be patient and stay on the ball, but don't get intrusive, instead recognize the girl's limits and respect them. A shy woman can be conquered, but not by storm. More like a mild breeze. If you approach the deer too prematurely on the hunt, it will hop from the clearing and disappear into the forest, never to be seen again.

Lots of men lose their nerve with something like that. They believe they have to "finally attack" and quickly seduce the woman, otherwise they end up in the famous buddy line. Just so we don't get ourselves wrong: Reticence on your part does not mean to be inactive and to let yourself be “infected” by their passivity. You should flirt and show your (sexual) interest unequivocally, but be charming, sensitive and cautious.

It's a fine line, I know. Find the right mediocrity and develop the necessary instinct!

2. Recognize the woman's pace and adapt to it

At the same time, we men are also afraid of trampling around in a china shop like the elephant and breaking precious china, so that no love arises.

The same applies here:

Always pay attention to their signals while flirting and follow them. As I said, when conquering shy women, sensitivity is required. If she doesn't want to hold hands or the kiss, respect that and take a step back. Her body language is the yardstick by which you can always see how far you can go with her.

3. Create trust on the date

People who suffer from shyness need a lot of trust in order to open up to another person - especially when it comes to relationships. So creating familiarity is the be-all and end-all if you want to conquer an introverted, shy girl. And you gain trust by making “advance payments” yourself and revealing a lot about yourself.

So tell her as much positive things about yourself as possible on the date and always be honest. Let them know what and where you work, what your family background is, what attitude to life and values ​​you represent, etc. The subject of ex-girlfriends should of course be taboo!

Also try to discover similarities as this creates the greatest feeling of familiarity for a future partnership. The woman then thinks: "Funny, but somehow it's like we've known each other with him“!

4. Admit your own shyness

You are probably reading my blog because you are afraid of beautiful women yourself and it is difficult for you to address unknown beauties. I'm right? Conversely, she is just as nervous when she finds you attractive ... You therefore show a lot of empathy by revealing yourself as shy.

Just say on the date: "I'm usually pretty shy when I don't know people well. I just need my time.

Admitting such a thing openly can take a lot of weight off your shoulders - both hers and yours! If you get it across in a believable way, the girl will realize that you understand her situation and that you are not pressuring her with high expectations.

5. Rule of thumb: progress from date to date

Perhaps you are asking yourself: How do I prevent me from investing too much time and effort without something coming back - and in the end possibly slipping into the buddy track? As I said before, watch out for a slow pace with introverted women, but avoid standing still! Take small but safe steps forward until you have reached your goal and at some point it is in your arms.

So at each of your meetings you should notice an increase. So the conversations should gradually become more personal and at some point you should also learn more intimate things about their family, life dreams, experiences, etc. The touch should also become more intense with every date - up to a kiss, a relationship or even sex.

However, if no progress is noticeable even after several dates, and it stagnates for a long time, you should give up the matter and look around for less complicated girls for a relationship.

6. Lure out of the reserve with space

Always make her feel like she can decide for herself how far to go. People who feel pressured often flee even though they would not actually be averse to it. Paradoxically, you can often lure your counterpart out of reserve by giving him the necessary freedom to make his own decision.

You may know this from pushy salespeople in shops: They want to talk you about the goods on the shelves and at some point you block, simply because you feel too harassed. However, if you had been able to look around the shop alone, you might have grabbed it courageously ...

Of course, that doesn't mean giving up all the reins ... it's a fine line, as I said above.

7. Deal with minor rejections

When conquering shy women, it can happen again and again that you get “mini baskets”. The woman then says things like "I don't want this yet / don't do that to strangers" or pushes your arm away (if you want to touch her, for example). It can also be that she seems closed and does not answer questions because they are too personal for her.

Accept that and take a step back - but don't give up the flirt completely! Many men are discouraged by such a small rejection, whereupon they switch completely to passive. But as long as their body language is still positive (!), You can continue on a smaller level. Specifically, that means:

  • If you do not want to give you the telephone number when you speak to it: ask Facebook contact (for many people it is less binding, and therefore easier)
  • If she doesn't want to meet on the date at your home or in another place: This time arrange the date in a public, lively place (restaurant in the full city center, etc.), that gives her security.
  • If you don't want to answer a personal question on a date: Change the topic of conversation and start by talking about something easier (your hobbies, favorite food, travel, etc.)
  • If she blocks your attempt to kiss, just hold her hand for now.

As you can see, there is always a way to shift down a gear WITHOUT having to withdraw completely. This is just the right mix of perseverance and empathy that you need to show in order to win her as a friend!

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