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With the donation fund, we support families selectively and to a limited extent. You have run into financial difficulties due to separation, illness or the birth of multiple births and need support quickly.
If there is financial need in the family, the children always suffer. Their basic needs, their thirst for knowledge and their social activities do not take into account the material possibilities of their parents. If they are circumcised, the entire development and participation opportunities of the children are curtailed.

wellcome enables families in acute financial need to receive material support through the donation fund, which is tailored individually and unbureaucratically to their specific needs.

You donate for this

Due to the family's financial needs, the material needs of the children cannot be adequately covered. If the family is embedded in the network of our cooperation partners, they can apply for funding. Most commonly, the donation fund finances furniture, clothing, diapers, strollers, bike trailers, and family activities. Only needs that are not covered by the public sector are funded. The online advice on our website ElternLeben.de is also supported to a small extent.

Your membership in the donation fund

You support the donation fund with a donation of at least 30 euros per month. The donation can be made annually, every six months or monthly. At the end of the calendar year you will receive a donation receipt. We will inform you about the use of the donation twice a year through a newsletter and are available for information throughout the year. With 10% of the donated money, we ensure project coordination, quality and donor care. Membership can be terminated at any time at the end of a calendar year.

Give away a donation

Are you looking for a gift that makes sense? We have one! This gift voucher enables you to give meaningful gifts. You donate an amount of your choice to the donation fund and support families in need. We “certify” this donation in the form of a voucher that you can give away.
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Our brochure “News from the wellcome donation fund” appears twice a year. It provides information about everything current about the donation fund for families in need and gives insights into the motivation of donors, the use of donations, feedback from families and much more.

Here you will find our current issue to leaf through. Alternatively, you can download the newsletter as a PDF here.

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Do you want to help families in acute financial need? We would be happy to provide you with more information on how you can specifically help. Contact us!
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As a nationwide social enterprise, wellcome develops offers for families and wants to encourage parents to get involved in the family adventure. You can support our work with a donation.